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Skincare and Beauty Products

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I've been so adamant researching on the foods I put in my mouth and the exercising I put my body thru that I forgot one important area -- SKIN CARE & BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

There's so much to know and I've only begun. As we know our skin is our largest organ and absorbs anything applied to it, which then enters the bloodstream. Starting to review products and labels and right now in overload. If I look at my Maybelline Big Lash mascara and serum facial lotion ingredients, they both need to go in the trash. Now where do I go?

Anyone have input and guidance? I've learned from others, just because the outside label shows "natural" doesn't mean it truly is what it's cracked up to be.

Great area for guidance www.ewg.org



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I too am busy going through my bathroom cabinet and being horrified by the ingredients I've discovered. Some brands which are toxin free and available in the UK are: REN, Weleda, Dr Bronner's Liquid Soap, Dr Hauschka, Jurlique and Barefoot Botanicals. Non toxic skin care is pretty trendy here in the UK right now so there seems to be some choice in shops like Planet Organic. The draw-back is they are more pricey than the average product.

I am looking into making some of my own products. So far I've discovered that olive oil and sugar is a great exfoliator. A little rough for the face but great as a body exfoliator. You can add a drop or two of essential oil and it smells lovely.

David Servan Schreiber also points out the dangers of perfume and traditional deodorant in the Anti-cancer book which is interesting.

When I've finished with the bathroom cabinet I need to tackle the household cleaning products. There are some scary chemicals in those! I've swapped from clothes washing detergent to soap nuts.

I think addressing this and choosing non toxic products is very positive in the fight against cancer. We all know that toxins do contribute to cancer and making good choices as consumers helps reduce toxins in the environment for everyone.

Cler X

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I agree that it is scary what is in the products we have used. I tossed my shampoo after hearing Dr. Oz recommend not using some chemical - can't remember what but his website will tell what to not use and maybe what to use.

I haven't used conventional deodorants in decades due to aluminum. Health store has salt which seems to do the trick. I switched to olive oil soaps - they have no fragrance and don't have to be expensive. Also castile soap and baby products aren't as toxic. Check out lush.com. They sell only vegan products. I use their shampoo. Some things are a bit pricey. Healthfood stores sell some good products.

Keep us posted on what you find out. Mary Ann

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I used to be on the board of an organization called Unite for Her in it's founding year, it was organized three years ago, and I still use their website. During a recent fundraising event called the Pink Invitational they had a local company with a booth there. I am not endorsing this company, but think it is worth checking out. It is called Exposed Organics.


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