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Just diagnosed with BCC yesterday & I am so scared

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Hi all, I don't know where to begin except that I am so scared and still a bit numb. I have had this spot on my forhead for over 10 years. I just went to a plastic surgeon/dermatologist for another issue. As soon as he walked in, he spotted it immediately, and asked to biopsy. When he gave me the news, he told me it is very treatable but that his biggest concern was how long it's been here. I immediately came home and googled Mohs surgeries and the horrible images popped up. Along with the stories of being spread over 60% of scalp and face because they have had it for so long and it all, of course, has to be removed. Please forgive how superficial this may sound. And are there any BCC survivors out there that had it for a long time before diagnosis, and what were your experiences? I have an appt. Monday for a consult to have Mohs. But am also waiting for an appointment in Boston at Dana Farber Mohs center. Thanks for listening and I am so grateful that I have stumbled upon this site.

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