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What to expect

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My brother in law was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer in Aug and now it has spread to his spine. He is very- very tired and only has a half hour's worth of energy to visit with people. My family won't give me any other info other than "he's tired" - what is really going on and how long do you think he has? The doc's gave him 4 months - but he's beating the odds...Could he get better?

This is the second brother in law to have terminal cancer in 10 yrs. :(.....

Hopless and Harried

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Hi, my brother has the same diagnosis...stage 4 liver cancer with spinal mets. I have been searching to find someone who may have some personal experience with this. My brothers spine is in horrible shape, it is affected at many levels. He has undergone radiation on two occasions as a comfort measure,since his diagnosis in September. He was given round about 6 months to live at that time. Do you know if your brother in law has much pain? My brother also was started on Nexavar a chemo pill,it was never intended as a cure for him,but was given in hopes of possibly stabalizing the tumor growth and prolonging his life. He will no longer be able to take the chemo, as he has a blood clot in his lung and was given large amounts of blood thinner to treat that.The blood thinners caused him to bleed internally, from esophageal varices. I would really like to find someone who knows about this and could shed some light on this . I hope you are able to get more info on your brother in law as I am sure someone here would be able to help you to better understand what is going on. Best of luck to you and your family. Tc_sis

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