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Norma, how are you!!

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I haven't heard from you. Hope you and the fam are all right. Love June

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{{{June}}}} thanks for asking. I am doing great. Last visit to the doctor was several months ago. All is well. NED. CA 125 hovering around 19. Feeling great. Had a colonoscopy 3 weeks ago. Clear. Don't have to have another one for 3 years. Next check-up is scheduled for May.

Became a Grandmother on Christmas Day. Little Girl!!! I am going to love this grandmother gig.

Hubby and I started our own business this last month. I know at my age that is just crazy. Truth be told I love to work. We have worked for other people all our lives. Decided it was time to do it for ourselves. Scary and fun at the same time. So far we are doing well. Between juggling sales, financial decisions, payroll, etc. I have little time to think of cancer. It is on the back burner. Each checkup I do get nervous the week before.

I read the posts here everyday. Had to ask for a new login when I saw your post. Forgot the old one. Chemo brain or just old age???? I think I just have problems with these darned passwords.

I hope this finds you well, June darlin. Thanks for asking.

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I am glad you are doing so well. Congratulations. Becoming a new Grandmother is awesome, too. Your new business sounds quite challenging, too. Good luck with everything. In peace and caring.

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It's never too late for anything. Glad you are doing well and the beast is on the back burner. It's so funny, all my life I was an executive legal secretary and haven't worked since 2007. Today I was offered a job at AC moore as a florist, salary is pennies to secretarial work, but I think I will make a go at it just for fun. Funny how some of us are so fortunate, we have so much to be thankful for. I am glad you are in your own business because you will need every penny for that little bundle of joy (laugh) I feel well and everything is okay. My next app is at the end of the month. Have a wonderful life. regards to you and that faithful hubby of yours. Love, June. Love you too Ro.

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Thanks for catching us up on your life! As a new Grandma myself (6 mos yesterday) I can tell you it just gets better -- ahh, motherhood the second generation around ;-)

Hope your business venture goes well -- having something to engage the mind and life with is energizing.

Take care, Annie

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