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Keeping Body Tempature

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First, Thank you for your input!

This is my second round with Signet Ring Cell cancer in the colon. Sept 2007 and June 2010, both times colon resection to remove cancer tumors.

Here is my question:
I have issues with staying warm after both surgeries. We live in SoCal, so we have pretty moderate temperatures in the winter. Normally I might put on a windbreaker, and if it is really cold a sweater and a windbreaker. After both surgeries, I wear long pants, shirt and sweater. If it is cold I wear a ski jacket on top of this. Inside I wear sweats full time. I use the layer system and constantly add or subtract layers.

My oncologist told me that this is from a secondary infection or reaction and not the Chemo. I am receiving FolFox every two weeks since November. I have two more FolFox treatments to go. I am excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Did anyone else have these body changes?
How long after Chemo did it take for your body to normalize?

Thanks Again for your input!

Best Always! mike

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My last chemo treatment was Nov '09 and a take down surgery in Dec '09 & I still have a feeling of being cold all the time and I live in West Texas. Sorry that's the best I can offer keep the faith.

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I have the same issue, but never had chemo so can't blame that.

I think it was either the surgery itself or the anestheisa. While they were in there someone must have messed with the thermostat!

I am 1 year since surgery and still feel the chill and for the first time ever my heating bill this winter was out of sight. Fortunately I live alone except for 2 cats and they don't seem to care what temp I keep it at...lol.

Hang in there and good to hear that you are almost done with chemo.

Marie who loves kitties

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mild temperatue, and always feeling cold since chemo!

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