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Has anyone else experienced nightmares with caregiving agencies? (ranting a little)

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We love my mom's hospice provider and the nurses there are all great, but we're now using a 24-hour caretaking agency to supplement the care that my sister and I can provide, and we have gone through several inadequate care-giving agencies.

We didn't want to put my mother in a facility. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

You'd think that some people would go into senior care for the invaluable service it provides families, but I've learned how naive I was. So much of the caretaking industry is motivated by money, greed and the ability to take advantage of weak, disoriented people and their vulnerable families. And it's sad that not more information and resources are available.

It's been quite a learning experience! I think we finally have a caretaking agency I trust at home with my mom, but the lack of senior care options, lack of resources on the topic, and general lack of attention on how we treat the ill and elderly in this country is truly sad.

Just something I've been thinking about.

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for 24-hour care for my mother - she was in an assisted living facility and they said she needed more help. This provider was highly recommended, but all the aides did was eat and sleep there and watch a lot of TV - she ended up getting out of her room even less and was going downhill.

When I moved her to a different part of the facility (where they provide more care) I found her closets full of junk the aides were storing there - I think they were also running a salon import business out of her room. She is getting much better care from the folks provided by the facility than she ever got from the private company and I wish I'd moved her sooner, but I had wanted to maintain her in her own apartment as long as possible.

The bottom line was that there was no real supervision for the private aides and no motivation to do anything but take advantage of it.

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