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HELP! ! Breast reconstruction with gel implants & fat injection transfer

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I'm scheduled to have my saline implants replaced with gel and fat from my stomach will be placed at the top of the implant. PS said this will give me a more natural look and prevent any dimpling.

Has any one done this procedure????

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I haven't had this, as, I had a lumpectomy, but, I know someone here has, or, is going to soon. I believe it is Heather. Hopefully, she will see this and reply to you.

Good luck!

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Just thinking of you...during this time..

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forward to February 2011 -- and I look FABULOUS! No dimples, no con caving - perfectly round, supple and firm. My Oncologist and his entire staff had their 'First' look at my Gel Breasts a few weeks ago, and they were seriously impressed. So much so, that the examine room door remained opened and I flashed the entire Oncology Group, patients and fellow doctors for a few minutes. Barbie and Bambi made their grand entrance .. ta da!

My suggestion, pillows all shapes and sizes which will enable you to sleep better, sleep on your back - no sleeping sides for a few weeks (please verify - your Plastic Surgeon's recommendation - his staff should have several pamphlets to give you). Place cup, saucers, dinner plates at counter height. Move heavier foods, milk etc at parallel on lower shelves .. You don't want to lift a gallon of milk --like I did and I swore I felt a stitch rip.

Also, I asked my husband to switch out our shower head to a flex unit - which enabled me to take showers and direct the water to various areas, without soaking my bandaged breast area. We have a deep sunken tub, so baths were out of the question as I did not have the strength in my arms to pull myself up, after a bath.

Lastly, if possible rest, and take pain med's as prescribed the first couple of days. Personally, the pain was much less than the pain I experienced from Mastectomy and tissue exchange surgery. Fat is extracted much like lipo - dull pain, which goes away after a few days.

Can I ask a question ?? Why are you switching out your saline implants for gel?

Hoping I gave you what you asked for.

Strength and Courage,

Vicki Sam

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Thank you ladies for your support and prayers.

Vicki, I'm glad all went well with your surgeries and that there is someone else out there who can relate to what I'm experiencing. I had a double mastectomy 6/09 with 3 revisions and ready to be finish.(Now with a new PS)I'm switching the saline to gel implants because I had capsular contracture and extreme con caving and dimpling. PS said I shouldn't
have the same problems with gel implants. He also recommended the fat injection transfer to reduce any dimpling now or in the future.

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Dear Parris,

I've heard of the fat transfer ... it does really help with the rippling & divots and it provides a much more natural slope. I have a pretty extreme step off ... I have a bony chest and it pretty well goes from bone to boob. The fat transfer will provide a very natural looking slope. And you get a nice, toned tummy to boot! :)

I'm sorry about the CC. I've heard that fat transfer can help prevent cc because you have your own tissue there. Hopefully, this will be the last surgery for you for a long time & hopefully no more CC!


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I haven't but wishing you the best of luck!


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I got my implants exchanged (saline to gel), fat transfer and nipples. So far things are going great, less pain than I expected. They have me wrapped up like a mummy so I can't peek :-(. The big reveal is on Monday. I'll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend!

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Less pain .. now that is sounds wonderful. Mummy wrap, hard to see what you look like under all the bandages - LOL. Keeping positive thoughts for you!

Vicki Sam

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I wish I would have seen this earlier! I hope you're happy with your results! I had 800cc silicone gel implants in November, and 2 weeks ago I had fat grafting done. I had a flat-ish area on one of my breasts from my mastectomy flap, so the Dr wanted to graft some fat to plump them up a little bit, and I'm just thrilled with my results! I dont have my nipples yet, but my appt for that is April 13th.
Can't wait to hear how your big reveal went!

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Different Ballgame
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Dear Parris,

I have a few questions that I hope you will answer.

Question #1 - Your posting is the first posting that I have read where the surgery for breast implants and fat grafting is done at the same time. Who is your doctor and what where is he/she located?

What I know...sometimes the fat grafting needs to be done more than once to achieve that perfectly shaped breast. I personally have seen one girl in my breast support group who flies to Dallas, Texas (from Chicago) and has a plastic surgeon at MD Anderson Center. Her doctor has created beautiful breasts and has tweaked the results with fat grafting. She took the fat from the girl's thighs. Girl is in her 40's. The girl's breasts look phenomenal and real and natural. WOW!

Question #2 - Can you tell me your age , i.e., 20's. 30's. 40;s, 50's, 60's, 70's?

I am most intrigued by the fat grafting and want to learn as much as I can.

Can't wait to hear how you look after the bandages have been removed.

Lots of Hugs,

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I had my post-op appt today to remove the bandages and I am very happy with the results. The gel implants with the fat injections look and feel very natural. The PS doesn't think I will need any more injections, but won't be able to tell until all swelling goes down. I am scheduled to see him again in a month.

To: Different Ballgame

I am 40 yrs old and live in Georgia. My PS is Dr. Elliott, his info is on the web at Atlanta Plastic Surgery. I wanted all my procedures done at the same time. I also got my nipples done. He removed the fat from my stomach and I have no discomfort in that area.

I hoped this helped ;-)

Have a blessed evening everyone.

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with the results. I go in for my fat transfer (without implants) surgery on Friday and the fat that yours turned out good, puts my mind more at ease.

Love and Light,

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I, as HeatherBelle and Parris, am going in next week to have fat grafting. I had two seperate mastectomies, a modified radical on the left in `06, and simple on the right a year and a half later.
The surgeon who started my reconstruction left me in a lurch (long story) I went a few years with my huge and uncomfortable tissue expanders inside of me. I came across an amazing surgeon who preformed my exchange to silicone gel 550 moderate profile plus implants of Jan. 11, almost 5 years to the day I was diagnosed with cancer!
I had gone back to my surgeon 6 weeks ago to schedule nipple placement and see him about a concern I had... a corded vein called Mondor`s Syndrome which runs along the inside side of my left breast, and down through it. Painful, hard, tube-like and visible.
There is not much he can do about the vein.. hot water bottle and ibuprofin should take care of that in time, but he decided now would be a good time for fat grafts along with nipple placement. He had planned and marked me for fat grafts before my implant exchange, but with the removal of the gawd awful expanders, and all the work he had to do to remove them and scar tissue, he decided to for-go it, and see how I 'settled'. Now, he tells me it`s the time to fill in the hollows, make any ripples and dimples less noticable, since my skin and tissue is so very thin.
I do have kind of a flatish area, the same that Heatherbelle spoke of (?) where I had lattismus flap. And an indentation on the inside side of my breast where the tissue was stitched onto my mastectomy scar. That could very well can be filled in, and popped out.
I am excited.. and excited at the thought of a mini tummy tuck as my surgeon`s RN put it! And of being more finished and whole again.
I am also very thankful and happy I found your stories here, I am appreciative for hearing real life stories, instead of varied descriptions on medical websites on this surgery. Thank you Ladies! :)

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I'm glad that you are pleased with your results! I too will have fat transfers at the time of exchange. My surgery is scheduled for April 12. My ps said that she may do nipples at the same time...not sure about that though. Everything that I have read out here talks about nipples being done later. I have been so happy with all that she has done for me so far so part of me says let her do it, that is so unlike me and how I deal with medical issues!

If anyone has experience with nipples being done at the time of exchange, please let me know how that went.

Love and prayers to all,

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Hi my name is Lori. I have read your information online. I had a double mastectomy in April and expanders were put in. I am getting ready for the exchange and I am very nervous about the con caving. My Plastic Surgeon is suggesting fat grafting along with implants. How did that go with you? I hope you get my message. I hope everything went well with you. You seem very strong. 

Take care,


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I would love to know if the addition of the fat helps keep the girls warm? I'm 34, post bilateral mastectomy 6 years with the bellies and I am forever stuffing my shirts with boob warmers! i wonder if it would be an option for my just on the basis of body temperature regulation and how pronounced the implants on me? 


Id love to hear anyones thoughts :)

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hello , was just wondering if the fat went away on your breast after?

i had a double mastectomy this past january and i have rippling he sadi i was a good candidate for fat grafting

or for an expander. so im not sure what to do 

hope you can answer me thanks :)

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I  had fat grafting in 2012 and it has not gone away - meaning, if you lose weight, it won't disappear. At least that what I think you may be thinking.


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