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First scan after treatment started

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Had a progress check today, which was a scan after my first two rounds of chemo. I was on Cisplatin and Gemcitabine and the results showed the "spots" that were present in my right lung are no longer detectable and the main tumor in my left lung has shrunken slightly, as have the tumors in my lymph nodes. When I started chemo, we did not have the sub-type of cancer identified, but now we know it is Adenocarcinoma. We agreed to switch to Alimta and Cisplatin for the next two rounds of treatment, as Alimta is targeted a little better to Adenocarcinoma.

I like the fact that the right lung appears to be clear and also like the idea that the cancer has apparently been stopped in its tracks for now, with a bit of shrinkage. My hope is to get better results with Alimta and then perhaps, sometime down the road, surgery would be an option after radiation treatments.

The hardest time I am having is with nausea. None of the anti-nauaea medications seem to be very effective in my case. I don't want to switch to carboplation at this time, even though it has reportedly less side effects that cisplatin. I suppose this will rest on how well I tolerate the next few rounds of treatment. Maybe I should just stop eating my own cooking! :)

For now, it is off to Aruba this weekend to spend some time on the beach (I would spend time on the ocean if I could walk on water). It is time for a relaxing vacation and to forget about cancer for a week!

Best wishes to all here and to your families. I wish you all only success as we fight this battle with cancer.

Warm Regards


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It's great to hear that you had good scans. Not sure what you are using for nausea but I know my dad went through several nausea meds before he tried Kytril. That one really worked for him.


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luz del lago
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How wonderful to read your update! I am so sorry that nausea is being a nuisance. I hope they find a good med to help and or eliminate this side effect.

Have a wonderful time in Aruba.


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This sounds like good news to me. Thank you for updating us. I hope you have a wonderful time in Aruba.


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Hope you enjoy your week in Aruba. Try chewing on some fresh coconut, it seemed to help with my nausea when I was on cisplatin.

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It is great news! Enjoy Aruba, and the time away.

I am just thrilled about your news... your story helps to provide real hope to others.

While u probably won't completly forget about cancer on your trip... u certainly have a good reference from which to contemplate.


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Glenna M
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What a wonderful way to relax and forget about your problems, I envy you as I am looking out my window at a snowbank that is 7 feet high in my driveway - LOL. Sure could use some sun and warm weather myself. Enjoy your vacation, relax and live life to it's fullest.

Wonderful news about your scans, it sounds like the treatment has worked and I hope your new treatment plan works even better.

Stay well and enjoy Aruba!!!

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