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"Fish oil fights weight loss due to chemo".......

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So reports a very brief article today at


During my own chemo, onc had me off all my supplements I had been taking, one of which was fish oil pill.....Interesting, as I did lose about 50 of my 178 pounds!!!!! steve

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What kind of fish oil you where using?

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says "Natural Fish Oil 1000mg"......."Total Omega-3 fatty acids 300mg"....Its put out by CVS, which is a pretty big drugstore here in US....Hopefully its not hurting me any.....

Besides CVS,, I use Puritan brand.....If anyone's heard any bad news about these brands kindly let me know as well as what company to use.....

Took tons of stuff prior to Dx, which probably helped tumor more than me......

Now, I only take a multi, fish oil, flax seed oil, Q-10, DHEA, creatine,green tea extract,bee pollen complex and D3w/calcium,mag,etc.....Eat much more fruit,vegs,nuts,beans,greens; much less sugar of any kind,soda,burnt red meat, cold cuts........

Been running several pounds over my preDx weight lately, mostly in belly area so time to get serious about redistributing my weight thru more consistent exercise.....

Need to get as strong as possible just in case.......Stage 3 can be a precarious state to be in....

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cancer center nutritionist, an MD, says 1500-2000 mg fish oil daily. other alternatives are crill oil, calamar oil, and cod liver oil. she recommended carlson's fish oil, and products made in sweden and denmark. i think the brand nordic naturals is one she recommended. my notes are a little hard to understand, lol.

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Wondering why I can never lose any weight- even on the cleanse/detox I've been doing I initially lost 6 pounds, but now have gained it all back again. I know I'm not huge, but I do have a couple of spare tires around the middle & would like to drop 15 pounds, but can't seem to. In the past 2-3 weeks, I'm eating no sugar, no pork or beef, and much, much less overall due to all the allergies/sensitivities I've discovered. I used to regularly have cookies and/or chips, etc. during the day each day & I have cut all of that out- I probably eat half of what I used to & still my weight stays the same. I don't get it! The one thing I've also done lately, however, is up my fish oil intake on the advice of my regular doctor due to having high triglycerides & I also have been eating fish 4-5 times a week since I cut out other meat. Wonder if that has anything to do with it. Hmmm...

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