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A WT? moment

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Yes, I am living the nightmare. A distant met that is acting very quickly. My head and neck are clear. I can't breath because I have a tumor in my right airway blocking the fuction of my right lung. On Tuesday the Doc will remove the tumor
(a temp fix) the chemo will start next week. Last Thursday they put in a port I woke up
there was a crowd. They misplaced the port touching my heart. I was in v-fib and my heart rate was 150. My lung doctor could not do orginal port (not in his conract with the hospital). He did remove the orginal and put it in correctly. In the operating room when the nurse brought it up he said I am doing it. Other then looking like I have been in a knife fight I am doing Ok. I don't want to sound sad. For a long time now I have seen you guys as my friends. I don't want to give up friends Judy

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Hi Judy, thank you for letting us know. I'm so sorry to hear of your situation, and hope the quick removal of the tumor and chemo will do the job. I had to laugh at your "knife fight" comment. I didn't want to, but I did. Lots of us have looked like we've been mugged one way or another during our battle. After my neck dissection, I told people I was going to have to get a larger apartment, a two-bedroom: one for me and the other for my neck. We're your friends, I'm your friend. You're very brave, and please keep us posted when you can so I can send positive thoughts and prayers your way.

best, Hal

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You know this tried and true crew. Take the fear of losing CSN friends off your plate. You have a lot on there; come to us when you need to. You already know how it works. We're here, we're here, we're here!!! (to quote "Horton Hears a Whoo").
It sucks when you come up against these hosptial "fumbles". Don't let it take you off your game. Let's keep the game plan very simple: tumor out, chemo in, cancer gone. Victory for Judy.
All my good energy flooding your way. Stay with us girlfriend. The stands are full with folks cheering for you. Game on.

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so sorry you are in another bout with this mongrel thing called Cancer, and knock on effects of bungling medics.

I will be sending the good energy your way.


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Sorry to hear the bad rap you been getting, I thought I was the only one with bad doctors. It is a real pain because we have to put our life into there hands.

Remember we are all here for you in thoughts and prayers.

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My guess is that you have at least a couple-of-hundred close friends on this site pulling for you. Hang in there, you can beat this! Positive thoughts being sent your way from one of your friends.

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We are friends here and will continue....

We all share a bond that is somewhat exclusive to us.....


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D Lewis
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Stay tough, girlfriend. You can get through this!


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Your words, not mine. I know you want this to be over but it's going to take one more procedure. That would be tomorrow the day you're cancer free! Might be a good day afterall, Judy.

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Glenna M
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You talk about all of this so non-chalantly that it sounds like you are talking about having a sliver removed from your finger - LOL. You are a very brave woman and an inspiration to me. I'm being a much bigger wimp and all I'm doing is waiting to talk to my doctor Wednesday.

You won't be giving up any friends for a long time to come, you will be here welcoming the new people and giving us all advice for many more years.

Stay strong,

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As Glenna mentioned above! We are all here standing by & know you will do great! You are one tough cookie & I hope some of you will rub off on me. Remember we are all in this together.
Many Hugg's

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You are in my prayers. So many here that you don't even know about!.. reading and prying for you.

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Wishing you the very best and will say a prayer for you.

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Judy I am so sorry to hear that you have to go through hell again. I am scheduled for partial neck disection this thursday and hopfully that will be the end of my second trip through the cancer fight. You know what to expect but it does not make it any easier, you can beat the beast once again and you will prevail. Thoughts and prayers sent your way.


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I am sorry you have to go through this. Please know we are all your friends and we are not going any place. We are all here for you. Stay strong and fight this battle. I know you can do it.


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That certainly is a WT moment. Wow. We are all here for you. Stay strong.

Sending hugs and prayers,


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stay strong. I don't post often but try to read the posts as it keeps me positive.
I've been in a dark place the past week after my neck dissection and decided to jump online to get some advice for myself when I read your post.

Your attitude is a shining example of why I need to stay positive and remember all the friends on this site that have been through what we have been through or in some cases been through worse than we have and our friends / fellow cancer survivors keep on going fighting the good fight. I know myself I get tired of the battle with cancer and don't want to sound sad yet I feel sad and depressed and here you are with a major fumble by medical staff and you take time to remember your friends. Friends you don't want to lose.

You are an example of being strong when you have been knocked down.

Thanks for sharing and being a beacon of home in a dark time for me in my own cancer journey I need to remember there are friends online that can truly relate and share in our pain and what we are experiencing.

Prayers and thoughts coming your way tthat the tumor is removed successfully and you are on the road to recovery with no mishaps by medical staff.


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Hi, Judy. I agree with the others in that you sound like one tough lady. Know that many prayers and best wishes are headed your way from lots of nice folks. I imagine that you are pretty scared right now, but hang tough and beat this thing and let's continue these conversations amongst all of these friends.


Kent Cass
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Prayers are with you, Sister. Try to stay Positive. Know it's difficult, but you can do it. You are a Survivor, girl. Stay with us, and



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Hope things start going more positively for you and soon. Cheers


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I'm so sorry you've been dealt this hand. I wish I could take it away. I'll be praying for you and thinking of you often. No need to give us up. Friends are forever.


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