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Diagnosis Questions

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Hi, I would like to ask anyone who has active MM. I recently reviewed my blood test (serum electrophoresis) and BMB results and Im a bit confused, I was diagnosed with solitary extramedullary plasmacytoma back in 2007 and last november 2009 I had a biopsy (sample was from a swollen lymph node) and the doctors say it's a recurrence and had a BMB afer the biopsy results came, my hematologist said that my hip bone was like a sponge and my bone marrow were like jelly beans, so they were suspecting that I have MM. but the results of my BMB and serum electrophoresis came back with this:

BMB: Scattered plasma cell comprising less than 5% of marrow population,
Kappa: Positive in few plasma cells,
Lambda: Positive in rare plasma cells.
-the findings are not supportive of plasma cell neoplasm

Gamma Globulins 17.6%
1.5 mg/l

Had a bone scan and doctors found no lytic lesions

then other blood tests came back with normal values (creatinin, hemoglobin, WBC, calcium)

does this mean I have active MM???

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...or in any way qualified to comment, but I will anyway...please take my words with a grain of salt :)

Your lab results sound good...
the percentage of plasma cells in your BM isn't very high...in fact, 5% plasma cells in BM can be considered normal.
MM causes 'good' BM to be replaced with malignant plasma cells...usually, for a diagnosis of MM to be made, BM plasma cell percentage is 10% and higher.

Where was the extramedullary plasmacytoma located?

What is your current diagnosis?
Smoldering MM?
Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia?

The doctor certainly owes you an explanation as to why your hip bone has degenerated...do you have arthritis?

Love & prayers to you,

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From what I've read online <5% plasma cells in BM is normal, yet my doctors considered my condition as MM because they found 2 lesions on my nuclear bone scan (which was not supposed to be the appropriate scan) snd because my hema onco said that I have osteoporosis (but I just learned that osteoporosis requires spinal compressions to be considered MM)and I don't have arthritis.

I don't think Im MGUS because of the plasmacytoma, I think i only have plasmacytoma. My Plasmacytoma was located in my right maxillary sinus cavity.

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