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Arcapta Neohaler (US name) / Onbrez Breezhaler from Novartis

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For those of us with COPD -

On sale in Europe already, the Neohaler paired with Spiriva appears to work better than Advair + Spiriva!

U.S. FDA advisory meetings through March 31:

DATE: March 8, 0800/1300
LOCATION: FDA White Oak Campus, 10903 New Hampshire Ave., Building 31, Silver Spring, Md.

The committee will discuss Novartis AG's (NOVN.VX) (NVS.N) new drug application for its Arcapta Neohaler, also known by its chemical name indacaterol maleate, for the long-term, once-daily maintenance bronchodilator treatment of airflow obstruction in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including chronic bronchitis and/or emphysema.

I hope we'll be seeing this soon!

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Deb, Glad to see you are back posting, hope this means you are feeling much better, i know you have been going through some hard times lately. I'm wishing you the best on the 3rd, we all are. .... Dan

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I AM feeling much better, no more bronchial infection, at least! Except to be a good patient I now have to finish the bottle of Amoxicillin, huge horse pills that hit my stomach like a bomb! Ugh! The stuff we go through to be well! =)

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It will be interesting to see if it is more effective than the symbicort, spiriva combination which my respirologist likes and seems to be working well for me.

Isn't your surgery soon Deb.? If it is then I will keep positive thoughts for you. I never know whether people appreciate prayers for them or not.


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Surgery coming up on Thursday (March 3) =) Diane, I'm not a believer but it wouldn't hurt me in any way if you prayed. Now, if you sat me down and put your hand on my head and started speaking in tongues, THAT would make me bolt for the door! =)

As far as the new drug, if what you are using now is working well for you then I wouldn't change it. Sometimes the drugs lose their effectiveness if you've been on them long enough, however, which may be the case for me :(

Take care, and be as well as possible!

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Glenna M
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Just wanted to wish you well on the 3rd. Sending positive thoughts and prayers but no hands on your head from me :) I get the decision from the cancer review board on the 2nd so I will be doing a lot of praying for both of us.

Stay strong,

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Also sending positive thoughts and my prayers for a great outcome. MaryAnn

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I have seldom posted on this site, but I'm a 'regular' reader. I just want you to know that you have provided invaluable support and advice to us all and we're counting on it to continue!! I'll be thinking of you on the 3rd and sending you my very best wishes. (Might even mutter a spell or two if I can just procure an 'eye of newt'!)

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Stayingcalm....you know...we all count on you for your knowledge and investigative talents regarding this LC business !

Keep it up !



PS. Update on me:

The only remaining detectable LC is in my main right upper lobe, my main tumor... that is now reduced to about 1" diameter +/- ....so now I am on zero meds and on 3 mo. wait and see mode !! Not too Bad!!

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Actually, that's great, Dave! Try not to sweat the wait, it sounds like you're getting the right treatment for your cancer!

Take care, Deb

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Wishing you the best on the 3rd. I go for another MRI on the 15th for some lower back pain I have been having. Tiny spot there a few months ago but not suspected for mets. Pain is still there so we'll see if the spot has changed. SCARY :{

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When I joined this site, I was very desperate. I didn't know what to do, what to think, how to deal with my husband's cancer, etc. and I started reading your comments and it gave me hope. I went on to read all your updates from day 1 and some of the others as well and all this has and still is helping me in this situation I am in now (husband has lung cancer). I just wish that my husband would read you as well but he says he is not interested in others' problems, he has enough of his at this point. Too bad because he would learn so much from yours and the others' courage!
So I hope that all goes well today because I need to read your comments for years to come as I am sure others do.

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