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Myeloma is back

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Anyone out there that has reccuring multiple myeloma sure would like to know how your doing, my husbands myeloma has started back up again, curious to how someone is responding to second bout of this cancer.......Thankful for any info....

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I was dignosed in 2008 stage 2. Went through 7 months of treatment with Revlimed and dex.
I was off med for 17 months and it came back. Treated for 1 months and my numbers improved. Was off meds for 3 more months and it came back again. I am now on my third month of treatment. It seems it will never stop. That is two relapses after my initial treatment,

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Hi, I have stage III malignant melanoma. The only treatment I have had was radiation.
My doctor wanted me on interferon for a year. But after I checked all the sats, it wasn't worth a year of being sick, for just a 10% to 40% return. If that was on my money it would be great...LOL I'm going back in April to have another PET scan done.
I guess what I want to say is that you are so brave, and a fighter.
You can handle anything, so hang in there. I'm here anytime.

Take care

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