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Has anyone gone to a psychic? If yes , did anything he/she tell you come true. I have been thinking about going to a psychic, not sure why I'm having these thoughts.

Do you believe in psychics or do you think they are false?

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I believe there are people who are more intuitive + are able to use these skills to predict the future, tell people about the past etc. There are also, I believe, some "phonies" in this line of work. Some are also able to "read" their clients' body language + use that to steer them. To me, it is like a continuum, from people who are quite gifted down to people doing it soley for the money, not because they have a gift. If I were to go to one, I would choose carefully + do it more for entertainment, not to make life-altering decisions. I guess I am a science-based person.

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I have not gone to a psychic. I knew someone years ago that did. She told me that the psychic told her that she would marry again (she was married) and have twins (she had no children). I lost contact with her years ago and don't know if these things happened. But I wondered if this info would taint the decisions she would make.

I believe there are varying degrees of talent in any field but don't believe there are very many true psychics.

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I think that while some people may have certain abilities and tuned in to things that not everyone else is tuned in to, the psychic falls under the daily horoscope category in my book. One can read a horoscope and think "that's fits me". Most of what I've heard are generalizations that can fit anyone. Also, some places have microphones planted and that's how they find some things out.

To sum it up, I think they are false.

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The world is made up of atoms, atoms produce electrical charges in certain situations so to me if we are electrical beings, and electricity never really dissipates then doesn't it make sense that some of us have greater receptors for receiving others energies than others do?

That is actually what makes me lean towards the ideas of there being more to the fact that there is 'something else' out there that we truly do not understand. Parallel universes? Maybe. People who pick up on others electrical emissions - likely. I have myself experienced things I could not explain nor could anyone else. If electricity never disappears completely and just morphes into other forms then what are those forms?
Big question.

I think that until someone has actually experienced an 'event' either through a psychic talking about something that indeed does happen or some other paranormal experience it all sounds like garbage. When you do, not so much. lol.

Na noo na noo. lol.


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I wasn't born an atheist (well, I suppose I was, in a way, since babies have no god but themselves ;)) ; there was a time when I believed in fairies and a time when I believed in UFOs and even a time when I tried to believe in the silliness of Erik Von Daniken. We were not a church-going family, my mother's first husband was a Protestant minister who became interested in Vedanta and was removed from his post for discussing it in his sermons. I grew up with the Bhagavad Gita and an inquiring mind. I was particularly enthralled with the idea of ESP and the paranormal and read hundreds of books on the subject. All that reading didn't have the effect on me that the authors intended - the more I read the more I started to doubt that there was any truth to the stories. I had had what I thought were psychic and out-of-body experiences, but again, the more I read and the closer I got to science, the less I believed, and eventually I became completely convinced that these things were manufactured by my own brain in response to different stimuli. I came to atheism the same way (flirted with Buddhism early on) - reading science cured me of theism of any kind =)

I have no belief in psychics, I don't even believe they believe in themselves! There are people who are exceptionally good at reading body language and minute facial expressions that you and I would never catch - if these "psychics" would get psychology degrees they would probably make more money than ever they would reading palms, or horoscopes or bumps on the head =)

*nothing I said is meant to denigrate anyone here; as has been said, what a boring world it would be if we all believed the same things!*

staying calm

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Didn't they recently determine that the signs are all off and there are 13 houses now. So how does that affect everything?

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I concur with stayingcalm 100% - even identifying growing up reading Bhagavad Gita - our experiences are so very similar.

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