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Dr. Rosenfeld - hot flashes and cholesterol

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Was sort of watching TV this morning when Dr. Rosenfeld was on. He said 2 things that were sort of interesting.

One was about a study that said that the earlier you have hot flashes after starting menopause the better - less likely to have heart problems. (Wonder where that puts me - have never had hot flashes either when I went through natuiral menopause (20 year ago) or on Femara?)

The other had to do with Cholesterol. Even 'high' cholesterol' doesn't matter as long a your HDL is high - only worry if LDL is high. That's basically what my PA tells me - my total Cholosterol is close to very high but my HDL is the major part of the numer so we don't worry about it. So basically high HDL = long life.


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