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Just diagnosed. I read about Taheebo Tea and ordered it, Has anybody out there tried it? Not as an alternative but hopefully an added benefit.

Kent Cass
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Read your profile, and that you are already affiliated with the ACS, which is cool. Am sorry that you have cause to be with us, but you are most welcome to be here. A number of others have spoken of your C, and are doing fine, now. Scam is the one to best know of the tea, though a number of others also have a heckuva lot more expertise than I along those lines. Again, sorry that you find yourself here, but glad you are here.


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Thank you Kent for the welcome. I appreciate the encouraging words. I will keep you and others posted on my journey and I will check back often.

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Hello Dave, as Kent said, sorry to hear you were diagnosed, and glad to have you here. I just googled Taheebo. It sounds like a home remedy that's been around for awhile. I'm always wary of "cure all" type treatments, so I'm glad to hear you're not considering it as a main treatment. It does sound like it might have some general symptomatic benefits, but I would advise to check with your primary care doc, or your oncologist to be sure it doesn't create a problem with any standard meds you might be taking. Best of luck with whatever treatment you receive. Keep us posted.

best, Hal

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Thanks Hal, I have spoken to my Doctor and he was OK with it at this point the antioxidents benefits is why I am drinking tea. I also drink green tea and lots of berries and fruit. Just trying to change my diet and eat healthier. As far as my treatment, i will have surgery with in the next two weeks and then start radiation.
I will keep you posted. Thanks again for responding.
Regards, Dave

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Hi Daveh,

Taheebo is a new one for me. I only note the common knowledge that it should only be prepared in glass or ceramic (as it reacts with metal) and care should be taken as it acts as a blood thinner so contra would be other blood thinners and hence injury or hemophilia would be a concern. You may check if you should lay up at surgery time.

I have gone the diet and alternative therapies and supplements route and have very good results. Check my 'Expressions' page for full story.

The fitter you are before surgery will also help with recovery and outcomes so if you can, get yourself as fit as possible in the time you have. Cleaning your diet up will also help both Surgery and your overall recovery and response.

Keep in touch.

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You found the right place to be, and we all welcome you here with us on CSN.


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