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Share your favorite cough remedies please?... And thank you :)

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Hello my dear friends....please share with me your favorite remedies for a relentless cough? I am lost with what to try now. Andrew has been to the Dr twice in 10 days, has a cough that almost sounds like upper airway and throat irritation but he says he feels it in his mid chest, fever off and on and only in the 99's today, none yesterday, 101.8 Friday. Had two antibiotics, tamiflu, inhalers, nebulizer, various OTC cough and congestion meds, cool air mist (to which he is sleeping to now with minimal cough),cepacol to try and numb the cough away....liquid jello to sooth and coat the throat (a friends recommenation)......When he sleeps I have usually given him something that zonk's him and he usually only coughs intermittantly, but when he's awake it's almost constant. ....If it weren't for the fever I wouldn't be quite as worried even though it's a low grade fever it's just been too long.

Looking for anything to help my little guy get some relief (he's 11 but taller than me).

Thank's soo much, Gail

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I don't have too much to offer. I was going to suggest the cool mist humidifier, but you are already doing that. My Mom used to put mustard plasters (yech) on our chests while we were sleeping - what a horrible way to wake up! I don't know if I have quite forgiven her for that. I hope your son gets some relief soon.

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sounds like what went around at school last fall- this cough that just would not give it up. I finally went and got a script for benzonatate, took awhile, but finally went away. I do still have some issues at night with what feels like an irritated throat, still feels like left over virus issues from last fall. I also was drinking hot tea with honey, that seemed to sooth it a bit.

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Last fall I had both a sinus infection and bronchitis with a nasty cough. The benzonatate really knocked out the cough in a hurry.

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So sorry to hear that your son has this bad bug. I had it back in January and the doc prescribed Cheratussin AC. Even after all the other symptoms were gone I had remnents of the cough for about a month. Nasty bug just would not give up.

Did your doc give you any idea when you should be seeing improvement? With the fever you have to be concerned about dehydration. It can get quite severe in small children very quickly.

An old wives' trick used to be to take a lemon, roll it to get the juice going, cut off a small portion at one end, put sugar on it and have the patient suck on it. Helps remove the phlem. Today, I would recommend either lemonade or a lemon/lime soda instead. Popcicles are also good for soothing an irritated throat.

Hope your little guy feels better soon.

Marie who loves kitties

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I have used saline nose spray to line the nose and upper airway and that sometimes helps.

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My daugher has a bad cough, too, and this seems to help. I put Vicks Vapor Rub all over her chest before she goes to bed at night. Also, a teaspoon of honey seemed to stop the cough last night. I know cough syrup does not usually work for her. Try these and see if they help. I know a cough can linger for weeks in kids. Praying for you both.

Hugs, Sara

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Mucinex forcough

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Hi Gail,

I'm so sorry you're having to worry over your poor son's persistent cough. Sounds like the fever has gone down some, so perhaps whatever has a grip on Andrew is starting to relent.
Perhaps instead of the cool mist, you need to get a warm air vaporizer. I know pediatricians mostly recommend the cool air humidifier and I think that's mostly due to safety issues and not wanting anyone to get burned. I really think in my personal experience with my own kids, that the warm air vaporizer works better for opening air passageways than the cool mist version. Just my own observations- nothing scientific there. When I personally have a bad cough, I even position myself over the vaporizer (at a safe distance to not get burned) and breathe in the steam. For me and one child with asthma, the cool air mist seemed to close up the airways instead of helping.

I'd also try slathering his chest and throat in Vick's vaporub- kind of a modern day poltice, like they used to do with the mustard plater. Heck, if I was desperate, I'd even try a mustard plaster- I bet you could find out how to do it online. A lot of those old fashioned remedies really may have some value. I don't know if it would help or not, but I know that I'd do whatever might possibly help.

Hang in there- I'm praying for him (and for your strength too).


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Nana b
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Mentholadium on the chest. Humidifier cammolie tea with honey and lemon. My cough lasted 2 months.

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keep the nose blown so that it doesn't drain back in throat causing cough...Mucinex tablets 1 every 12 hrs is great to keep congestion broken up...Try and sleep in a recliner so that the draining isn't as bad....Vicks Vap-O-Rub is great for opening airways......fevers you know that Motrin and Tylenol work seperately so you can give them together or at different intervals so that he has plenty of temp reducer ...less than 102* Tylenol, over 102* Motrin, but Im sure you know that........make sure there is no mold or mildew or maybe cat dander in the house......I certainly hope all of you get to feeling better..........buzz

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Try a throat analgesic spray like Chlorasceptic OTC Spray. (OTC- Over the Counter)

Here is my thought. Once a severe cough starts it irritates the esophagus, throat, and mouth. The cold may still be there but the irritation is causing a lot of the coughing reaction. One's throat gets dry and more irritated and the coughing ensues.

I have used Chlorasceptic Spray for 40 years. I carried it with me when I was a ski patrol. I carry it now in my work first aid kit. I supply the little bottles and then tell the employee to take it home. I do not care that they use the company first aid kit, just leave me a note so I can refill the kit and keep it full.

Best Always, mike

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Hi Gail,

I hope my reply is not coming too late. You can try to cook a peeled pear and take out the middle part as well. After it's completely soft, you drink the pear water and eat the pear. This drink only works if you have cough during the day. It does not help the overnight coughing. I got this from my mum's Chinese doctor.

Best wishes,

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