Abbreviations and Acronyms

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Hi a lurker till now cuz I have a burning question. What are all of the abbreviations that are used here like ONC.

Stage 4 lung victim. More on that later. - John


  • stayingcalm
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    Hey there!
    ONC is Oncologist
    NED is No Evidence of Disease
    WBR is Whole Brain Radiation
    PCI is Preventative (or Prophylactic) Cranial Irradiation

    And here is a list of other acronyms you may see here :) Welcome!
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    Thanks so much! - John

    Thanks so much! - John
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    Hey there----- YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM, there is a constructive plan as to why you have cancer, it may or may not become apparant to you or us, now or in the future. But you having cancer can be a very positive thing to many people that may change their lives to the better in ways we may never know, so on and so on......

    Keep Positive !!!!!!