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Recipes for feeding tube

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I feel like I am starving to death with just the canned supplements being given to me. I am 4 weeks into my radiation treatment and chemo also with four weeks to go. Lukily I am not in any pain yet, but have such a hard time eating. It's probably a mental thing but because everything tastes like cardboard I just can't get it down. Does anybody have some recipes of real food I can process and put down my tube?

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I feel your pain.  I had my PEG for 18 months.   We have someone here that actually put meatballs through their peg tube.   Lol.   I am not recommending that tho.  :) 

The key to putting anything through the tube would be to make sure that it is totally emulsified.   I wouldn't chance plugging up the tube so I would make sure that what ever you put through was processed with a Vitamix or a HeathMaster.  I don't think a blender would cut it.  

Here are some high calorie smoothie options.  

Some smoothie recipes

You can also process soups, fruits, veggies almost anything with a Vitamix or HealthMaster.  

Alternatives to canned food

Another thread with feeding tube alternatives

Just found this so I am editing it in. It was sort of buried in one of the above threads:

This woman's site looks promising. It's sort of buried in the thread

Hope this helps you.  


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Hi Truk,

I could'nt tolerate the hospital muck either and found a good alternative in Vitashake by Sunrider. Mixed with rice milk and put it through the tube. My weight stabilized and I felt a lot better in a short space of time. I had about 3-5 feeds a day and that is enough to keep you going and it has all the grit you need, and healthy ones.

You can go to my Expressions page (Click on Scambuster to the left and then click on Expressions) to read more about the adventure. THere are other similar products available, all plant based.


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I want to hear from someone who has had a j-tube and used alternative tubing stuff.
Most of the threads here refer to peg.
I suppose i should check the aesophogal cancer discussions, as there might be others there who have had gastric pull ups (like wifey) and therefor have j-tubes.
But im shunning away from that 'orrible group, aesophog cancer is also ugly as hell.

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Hi there - Just wanted to let you know we have some information on creating RealFood for the Tube on our website at http://lucysrealfood.com. Also I'm hoping to do a site revamp soon and add links to even more resources. We do have lots of info on our links and resources page on dealing with clogs, infections, pediatric tube feeding etc. Plus info on getting a Vitamix discount and discussion groups of tube feeding folks. Also, I answer e-mails with questions if that is helpful to anyone. Lots of folks are eating real food in their tubes - no need to try and live on corn syrup mixtures alone while you're on the tube. :-)

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Lucy, actually if you'll notice (though not by your name...), Dawn included your website, back at the beginning of this thread...back in February 2011..

This woman's site looks promising. It's sort of buried in the thread

Just sayin....

But I'll update the link here;

Lucy's Real Food for the Tube


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Hey trukweb, I've been pouring stuff down my tube for about 11 years now, and my motto is, "if it flows, it goes." The way to make sure that it flows, is to use, as Sweetblood suggested, a very good processer/blender such as Vitamix, which is what I use. With a Vitamix, my wife, or I put whatever the meal of the moment is into the blender, along with a lot of liquid (e.g., juice, milk, etc), and in 3 minutes it is as smooth as silk. It really is amazing! However, since it does take a lot of liquid to emulsify the food (steak, fish, meatballs, potatos, the kitchen sink, you name it) to a consistency that will fludily/quickly, as it were, flow down your tube, you will have a fair amount to pour down. My meals average about 64 ozs. Happy tubeing!


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