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Hi Everyone; I am having a pain underneath the left armpit and it is kind of radiating down the side.
What does everyone think about this?
I do go to the my Oncologist next Friday. Will ask abou it for sure.
I have never went with my blood tests. Because my tests were always ok.
It is weird. I have been in remission for over a year after Zevalin.
Hope you all have a wonderful Weekend.

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Hey Hilde, is there a lump under the armpit? that's one of the first areas my Onc. checks? Its probably nothing, but its good your going to get checked...

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There is a small lump, but I am glad my appointment is next Friday. Hope you are doing well. I am just always freaked out. I try not to be but that is the way it works for me. When I see something I freak out that it is back. Especially because it was in my bone marrow and stage 4.
Well hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Love your and your wife's picture. I need to learn to upload a picture. Thank you for answering my post.

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Hi Hilde,
The lump sounds scary and would certainly make me worry, but it's good you will be seeing your doctor next week. Catching things early and dealing with whatever it is right away is what we HAVE to do. I'll keep you in my prayers and you be sure to keep us informed what you find out. Much love to you...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hi Hilde,
Sorry you are going through this period of anxiety. Hope the Dr says it's nothing or it's gone before you see him

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