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A "Sitz" bath can be soothing for whats paining in the rear

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Tho it gets mentioned every so often, with the recent spate of butt problems, suggest making use of a sitz bath, which provided me some relief when I still had my tumor while undergoing preop chemo and rad and my *** was killing me......Costs around ten bucks in a drugstore, its a basin you fill with warm/hot water thats placed over your toilet and you sit on it for awhile, (after your docs say its ok to use) and it may soothe what ails you for a spell.....For pain between the cheeks,I was given prescription for silver sulfadiazine.....Also, tried to clean self with water spray bottle and dried with fan breeze (that was in summer time).....

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For my anal fissure, I'd sit in the tub in 2 inches of warm water several times a day for relief. Works too.

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i used a tub,but vasoline saved me and my existing hemmoroids from having to have another surgery to remove them. I had diaherra (spell)from diagnosis 12/08 for about a year. Lomotil would help slow it down, but I kept vasoline on all the time and a hot sitz bath to clean area and showers to clean me. I carried a small jar with me at all times and I believed it was my one life saver. I saw someone recommend A&D which I never tried, but probably would have been good. It just seemed to be the most natural product and it worked. Good luck to everyone with a sore butt.....it is a real pain to deal with. Pat

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