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checking in

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Good morning guy's, hope all is well. I'm trying to get into a routine that includes some exercise. The funny thing is that I really have to force myself to to get through it. I'm hoping that the exercise will get back some of my energy!
I'm kinda of stressing about Lisa's appt. this Monday, I wish they would just do the biopsies and get us a answer, but you know the drill let's talk first........ I hope everyone has a great weekend! Vinny

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Good morning Vinny, will pray for Lisa that all will be alright, i know the waiting is nerve racking as i am waiting for my PET results, its been a long weekend for me. Hope you had a good weekend and a great Sunday, take care

miss maggie
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Hi Vinnie,

I will be thinking of you guys on Monday. Please post as soon as you know. I am so anxious worrying about the both of you.

Love Maggie

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Hi Vinny: I will be praying for Lisa and hope the news is not too bad. I know the drill.
But hoping for the best.

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Hi Vinny,
I'll be thinking good positive thoughts for Lisa. The exercise part of your post I totally get! I try to walk every day and sometimes half way through my walk I feel like I can't go another step. Thats when I'll sit down on the curb for a minute and rest. I'm going to stick with it because I DO feel better afterwards. Hang in there friend. Prayers going out for Lisa, and thanks for checking in. Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hi Vinny,

Hope you were able to relax some this weekend.

I find that walking is usually okay. And yoga seems to really be about my speed these days.I used to do the treadmill on an incline and eliptical machine but for now some gentle yoga really gives me a good workout and makes me feel better.

Since you work every day as I do I think our energy is a bit more limited. I try to do the yoga in the morning when I can- great way to start the day.

Good luck with Lisa's appt tomorrow. Will be praying for you both


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Thank's everyone......... Vinny

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Vinny I hope you Lisa receive good news Joanie

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