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CML and anaresp

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I was diagnosed with CML in April of 2009. I take Gleevec (400 mg.) each day. Occassionally, when my hemoglobin is low, I use to get shots of procrid. However, now my oncologist has changed that and I am getting anaresp instead. When researching this drug I read that anaresp should not be used by anyone who has CML. Does anyone out there know anything about this? Thanks.

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I don't have CML, nor have I done any research on anaresp - However, do keep in mind that treatment protocols do have a way of changing quickly and if your doctor is acting on new data, there is the possibility that the information may not yet be widely available.

Case in point, I was treated for APL, the method my OC wanted to use was just coming online and I couldn't find the data or protocol that showed what he was telling me. After long conversations with him, he showed me the recently published work he was acting on and answered all of my questions.

If you haven't had this conversation with your OC yet, I would recommend starting there. I always feel that my care team should have the opportunity to explain to me their recommendations, even if I've found conflicting information or disagree. They should be able to defend their methods if they are truly sound and not simply dismiss your concerns.

If your OC isn't approachable or you've lost faith in your OC, I would recommend seeking a second opinion.

Also, you might want to check out the LLS (www.lls.org) discussion boards too, there are many people on both these sites with CML and on Gleevec, I hope they can offer you more clarity.

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