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Work issues...

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Hi, I'm new here. Was wondering if anyone here is dealing with work/disability issues and would like to chat about it. I'm pretty confused as to what to expect frommyself at the moment and would appreciate any input from anyone. Thanks!!

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Hey Itab. It's hard to know what to expect. Some folks cruise through treatment and keep working. Some folks are totally flattened by the treatments. I was in the process of retuning to my earlier line of work as a teacher when I was dx in July '09. There was no way I could do the job. Some folks still teach - no way for me. I went on SS disability after the 6 month waiting period and have been ever since. It doesn't cover my costs, but it helps.

What line of work are you in?


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I'm not sure I have the answers to your questions, but I wanted to welcome you to the group.


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Nana b
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I worked through my chemo, and it wasn't until the last couple treatments that I was feeling really bad. Everyone is different.

You need to be aware of any employer or state disability that my be out there.

You need to find out about FMLA and see if it works on a rolling 12 months or annually. PM me your number if you would like to chat or ask any questions.

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- what stage are you? This is important in determining your options
- what kind of work? Physical labor? Sales? Management?
- does work provide short term disability insurance? How about long term?
- medical insurance. Can you afford Cobra? Can you get insurance through a spouse?

These are just a few.

I have been able to work through my treatments, but my employer lets me work from home.

I am stage IV, and have both STD and LTD options.

I would need Cobra if I did not work

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