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1st chemo yesterday and thanks to you I'm ok...

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Can't believe I'm doing okay today, drinking tons of water just as the Pink Sisters prescribed, which I credit with feeling as well as I do. A little sick overnight but nothing awful, just kept drinking water w/ a little juice for flavor, going to the bathroom every couple hours, FLUSHING THAT CHEMO OUT! On my 3:30 am potty wake-up I felt the most sick but after I drank a glass, it just sort of went away! Just like that.

I'm grateful for all your feedback and support and your responses to my Chemo Jeebies post last week. It was so helpful.

Hugs to all of you,

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Glad to hear you are doing so well. Staying hydrated is key to handling a lot of the side effects. I was where you are last year at this time, and know how scary the first one is. Warmest wishes for your well-being.

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One chemo down! Hooray!I am really glad it went alright...that first one is truly the toughest! So...I am not sure what other good advice you got, so forgive me if these are repeats!
All bets are off during chemo! By that I mean, if you had a 100 degree PRE-cancer, you would take a Tylenol and not think twice about it. With chemo, our white cells deplete, and there is no infection fighting capability. So...call your Dr! YOu just might need antibiotics.
Anything you find odd, like ongoing constipation, call your doctor! There is nothing they haven't heard, and even if it is after hours, the on-call dr will help you out! I always say I had my cancer team on speed dial~ that isn't exactly true, but almost! Chemo RNs are angels in disguise~ oftentimes they will field your questions and have the perfect, caling answer for you. The rest of your questions? Well, what's what the Kindred Spirits here on the boards are for!

The water is so important~ congrats on doing that! Keep it up!


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Glad Lin that the first one is done! Praying the others will go easier for you!

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... YOU said, "hydrate, hydrate, and did I mention, HYDRATE?" Those words are my mantra right now!!!
I hope it keeps going well, nurse said 2 days later is when it usually hits...

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So glad for you that you're doing good. I've said before..to me having the flu was much worse than any of the "feelings" after chemo. I was fatigued..yes..and had some intestinal things going on..but still enjoyed my days as best as I could. Never in bed because of it, that's a blessing. Hang in there and better days are ahead now that those little buggers on their way out!

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you encounter. So glad you sailed through your first chemo--it truly is the worst because of so much fear of the unknown. Now you know what to expect. I treated it like an ally--I actually had a talk with my chemo. I said, "you honor, respect and heal me and I'll honor, respect and accept your help." I'm not saying it was easy, but as a team, the chemo and I got through it quite well. I'm sending all my positive vibes that you do the same.

Hugs, Renee

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'm glad it's going so well. Keep coming back to let us know how you're doing.



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I'm doing my happy dance for you! So glad you made it to the morning after. I'm actually impressed that you weren't more nauseous. I was taking compazine and Zofran around the clock! Maybe that's how it's going to go for you, I hope so.

Drink, drink, drink, till you float away!

Take care,

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glad to hear I will have my first chemo on this thurs a bit nervous. But as you said it is very helpful all the things posted on how to get thru it. Di

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glad everything went well with chemo. Keep drinking your water. I flavor mine with lemon.
{{hugs}} Char

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