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The Last Year

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Well after a year of doctors and MRI's and scans and a biopsy and no closer to finding out why my arm hurting me so much. No I did not get back on the Neurontine or Gabipentyn and take little sleeping meds because I just can't stand the thought of going back to the side affect game. My bowls are great and irritable bowel has not been a problem for years and I have been off many meds for years.
No one seems to understand how much it hurts yet working and working out doesn't seem to make the pain worse. When I did see the last surgeon because the cancer ortho surgeon felt I needed shoulder surgery and that is why having so much grief. This surgeon didn't see that my shoulder could be the problem and actually said he really didn't know where I would go from here. He also wouldn't be a second opinion on the lumps. He did to some tests and actually it felt like he could of broken my arm in the area where the lumps are and where it has the deep pain.
After a year I am tired of the medical community something I have felt before. Now the other day I feel a small area of pain in my chest below scar from second mastectomy on none cancerous side I find a lump just like all the other lumps I have found and wonder if on medication I would be looking or finding such things. I am the one who has found every single lump including the two cancerous ones.
Yes I know I will have to go see someone but the fear of something truly wrong after fighting the past year with this sick feeling in my belly is just all to over whelming. I keep telling myself I have had dreams come true in the time I have been a survivor and not going would be one stupid thing. Lumps and more lumps what a wonderous thing I guess. I feel another WOW coming on and it is time to go.
Thanks for listening,

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