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Curious how many here used general surgeopn vs breast surgeon? I didn't know such thing (breast)until after my surgery- I was just referred to general surgeon!

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Hi disneyfan,
I did use a breast surgeon. She was recommended to me.

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Surgeon....this is the only type of surgery he does.

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a breast surgeon that was recommended by my gyn. He was in a group of 3 who all deal with breast cancer. They consult with oncologists and radiologists every week. Wonderful team!

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Mine was also part of a team who all work together, surgeon, oncologist, radiation Onc.

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I had a breast surgeon, which like dyaneb, was part of the team at my cancer center.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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General surgeon, that's what was available to me through Kaiser in a timely manner. But if I choose to reconstruct, I'll have a plastic surgeon.

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who had much experience with breast mastectomy surgery. The a Plastic Surgeon for reconstruction.

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a breast surgical oncologist--i think that is his title.

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breast surgeon a woman.

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I have no complaints or concerns...just curious about others..

MY gyno is just over boarder in CT (I LIVE IN NY) so my gyno and surgeon in CT and my oncologists both from NY...they do talk to each other on phone...so comfortable (GYNO and oncolo)

PRIOR TO all this I never such thing as surgeon who just specialized in Breasts. LIKE MY Mom always said ..YOU learn something new every day!!!

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I chose to go to a comprehensive Breast Center for my mammos because they had been recommended and had a breast surgeon on staff who I really like. She recommended the oncologist & radiologist that I am going to also. I trusted her completely.

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General surgeon, wonderful caring man who has a specialty in breast surgery

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I went back to surgeon...for check up..told me leaving the practice...dang...he didn't tell me prior...(i know wanted to fit in few more cases but....)

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Different Ballgame
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General surgeon recommended (actually assigned) to me who recommended mastectomy after 2 surgeries kept showing margins not clear. Sought 2nd opinion at his suggestion. Went to different hospital. Found out that there are oncology surgeons who specialize in breast surgery. Saw top oncology breast surgeon at new hospital. Made my decision to be aggressive and opted for contralateral mastectomies by the oncology surgeon with immediate breast sparing surgery for breast reconstruction.

I had no complaints regarding the general surgeon but I wanted the best for this mastectomy surgery which is why I changed to one of the top hospitals in Chicago and its doctors. Also plastic surgeon credentials were superior at new hospital.

First hospital made a few major goofs with me and I no longer felt safe nor trusted the hospital. New hospital I always feel safe and secure...big difference between the hospitals.

Lots of Hugs,

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I did use a breast surgeon (even back in 1987). I knew about his excellent reputation from the hospital in N.O. where I was working at the time. Many general surgeons, especially in rural areas, do a lot of breast surgery. But, if you can find one and they are not too inconvenient, I believe it is worthwhile to pick a breast surgeon.

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My breast surgeon worked with my plastic surgeon so that you could do both mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time, which was done with my 2nd mastectomy, but not my first.

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Breast Cancer Specialist, who worked with my Plastic Surgeon -- which I research, and received a 2nd opinion from.

My general surgeon ( a female ) was a chopping, cutting machine -- very insensitive, very a matter of fact .. provided no information .. just wanted to go back and cut, cut cut...
My OBYN is not longer referring his patients to her .. 1 1/2 years later ..so, no it was not me.

Vicki Sam

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I used a surgeon that specialized in breast cancer and thyroid cancer (actually he wrote a book that came out in several editions entitled, "Breast Cancer") and he worked in conjunction with my PS so that my bilateral mastectomy and the start of my reconstructive surgery were done at the same time. I think very very highly of both of them.


Lynn Smith
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My surgeon specializes in trauma, general and breast surgery.I had been going to this practice for over 40 years. Different doctors.This was my 3rd Breast Surgeon with this group
(others retired) Why I continued but almost quit since my diagnosis was not given priority in the beginning.Then after my diagnosis and the report was very very good with DCIS I continued with him. He knew if the report was bad he would not be my surgeon.He even conversed with other doctors for my care before making his decision.He wanted to be sure his decision was what other doctors and health care workers thought.

He shows alot of compassion and I feel I can talk to him about what I am going through.

I did have a nurse who works in the hospital with him and she said she wanted no one else operate on her but him.With this doctor I can't see any scarring with numerous benign and 1
malignant surgeries.With all my doctors they ask where the surgeries were.

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She was warm and caring, did the biopsy (was going to do a lumpectomy) but woke me halfway through and suggested a masectomy, the tumor was outside her initial margin. So one week later it was a masectomy and I trusted her judgement all the way through!

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She was warm and caring, did the biopsy (was going to do a lumpectomy) but woke me halfway through and suggested a masectomy, the tumor was outside her initial margin. So one week later it was a masectomy and I trusted her judgement all the way through!

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did not like first surgeon. Over holidays so difficult. Nurse who coordinates breast treatment found this doctor after I told her I liked the first one 20 years ago (not canser) Went for a second oppinion after could not have radiation I wanted. Female doctor made remark that I was so big would not miss more being removed. Went back to first surgeon for second to make margins bigger. Just found out that another hospital 50 miles away has just gotten the equipment to do one dose of radiation during surgery.

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