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It will be a "GIRL"

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Hi guys,
My daughter in law just called and said they looked at the baby today (29 weeks along) and for "SURE" we will be welcoming a baby girl...Elizabeth Jo Reid into our family around the 9th of May. Finally now I can start buying girlie stuff! Lizzy weighs about 4 pounds right now and is progressing perfect. Hurry up May! ha! (I posted a picture on my expression page of the happy parents to be). On a different note...it just started snowing here and it is so c-o-l-d brrrrrr! Sure glad I got my short walk in yesterday cuz this gal aint pokin her nose out the door as long as this yucky weather hangs around! Single digit temps means this white crap will be layin around and not melting...Boooo!..ha!
Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Congrats Sue, shopping for baby girls is so much fun, i have 3 girls and i have 2 grand daughters i shopped for and i loved it.I am waiting on a rain storm tonight and tomorrow we will have gale force winds and heavy rain out here on long island, hopefully will wash away the snow we have had since December,again congrats!

miss maggie
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Hi Sue,

So happy to hear your wonderful news. Liz is so right. I have one granddaughter, and 2 grandsons. The granddaughter came first. All I did was shop, shop, and shop for her. I bought clothes for her birth and all the way to her first birthday. There is such a selection of clothes for girls. Boys clothes are finally catching up. More of a selection now.

Enjoy the wonderful news. May is such a beautiful month for happy occasions.

Love Maggie

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Congrat's Sue!!!! don't spoil her to bad, yeah right!!! lol Vinny

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Congrat Sue! Babies bring such joy! Roya

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Thanks guys..."yes"...I'm totally stoked about it being a girl. I raised boys, so it will be fun spoiling a little girl. I'll need to find her a "pink" fishing vest and a little "pink" fishing pole..hahaha!..Sue..(FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Congrats, Sue for the new girl-to-be news! I like that name which reminds me of my childhood nickname, Lizzie. Enjoy shopping - don't get overboard with pink. Ha.


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