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weight gain.

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Joined: Jan 2011

Hi again, while my husband is taking xeloda over 8 cycles, just finished his 7th, he has gained weight, onc said it was because he was not at work at the moment, but my husband feels as if its the chemo. Has anyone gained weight also ?

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Usually you lose weight,but I did radiation at the same time,and lost 60 pounds by the time I finished surgery,and I gained it all back,plus 20 more.Everyone is different.Good luck.

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Chemo made me gain lots of weight! (Folfox) I was eating less, and moving about more, but I gained about 4 lbs/week. Yuck. I still can't get it off.

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I think is good as is the result of eating more! If you get weight you probably are winning against the monster if you loose weight probably monster is winning you, but don't be wrong , one thing is get weight because you eating good ,and another is to get bloated by cortisone or water retention, this not a really a natural gain of weight!.Any way I always prefer to gain than to loose while on chemo!.

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Kenny H.
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X2....I lost 35lbs after surgery so far 15lbs have returned. Good to have a appetite back.

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Nana b
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Oh, watch that, it's so hard to get it off. :)

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I lost 35 lbs during radiation, put back on 20 before surgery, lost 10 after surgery, put back on 15 during mop up chemo. The bad taste in my mouth from the chemo makes me eat more to get rid of that nasty taste. Food doesnt taste as good but it beats the metalic taste.

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i am on folfox. been trying to keep weight at 100kg.
back to a slightly stricter diet.


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I gained weight while on chemo. My nurse practitioner said this is no time to be on a diet. So I agreed! I ate what I wanted and was glad that I did. I did not need the struggle of diets in my head.

I just joined Weight Watchers on Monday. I feel much healthier with this Points plan. I eat well and still feel good about what I eat. I can have anything I want but I have to subtract points for it. My favorite is to have Sugar Snap Stir-Fry veggies from Wal-Mart = No points!


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I've gained a little. I think because I am exercising much less. I'm prob 5-10 lbs over what I'd like to be. But my oncologist likes me that way! It probably brings us both a little comfort -- a safety net, in case of whatever.


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I lost over 100 lbs through treatment, although I have heard of some people gaining weight, I think losing weight is a bit more normal, despite the reduced activity and energy the usually accompanies chemotherapy.

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