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Finally, a date with radiooncologist

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I have a date of march25 to see the rad dr. I'm pretty sure that they will be doing the marking/tatooing at that time. I am not so much scared to have rads just a bit apprehensive. The rads are going to my left breast and all the lymph nodes in the area (chest wall also i Am concerned mainly becsuse of my heart and lungs. I have COPD and my lungs are not the best. I'm worried it's gonna affect both over time. maybe I'm wrong, mayhbe this is all for nothing and i will sail thought rads. sorry for all the typos(chemo brain0 anyway wanted folks to know what down the road for me. Thanks for listening.

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Dry run was nothing at all...tattoos, form shaped to me (so use each time positioned same), explained everything...

I wish you the best with treatments!

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You'll sail through. Use the creams very liberally. Try not to worry about the possible side effects of the rads. I had left breast, left axilla and left supra-clavicular area radiated and talked to my rad. onc. extensively about heart/lung damage. Apparently, they were able to do a certain type of radiation which is relatively new that goes in on angles so as to minimize any possible damage to internal organs but still do the job it's supposed to. It's a leap of faith, but one, I believe worth taking.

Best wishes and positive energy coming your way.

Hugs, Renee

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