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Bowel Cancer, secondary liver metastases

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My husband (aged 65) was diagnosed with bowel cancer, secondary liver mets (two large ones in section 8 and smaller ones scattered) in July 2010. He's had ten treatments of folfox, large tumours 6cm and 5cm reduced by half most other ones disappeared. Now on path of surgery. Had portal vein embolisation over a month ago. Recent scan shows didn't work. Surgeon wants to do another one next Monday which will mean waiting another month for surgery. Concerned tumours will start increasing. Last chemo 4th January 2011. Bowel surgeon advised do liver surgery first then bowel surgery. Have got second opinion from another reputable liver surgeon with RPA. He wants to do bowel surgery first, then do resection of liver and doesn't think portal vein embolisation is necessary. Help!!! what do we do. He has also got numbness in hands and feet, side effect from chemo. Will they come back to normal? Rubyrose

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I think your post got lost on the board, + I am hoping someone can help you. I don't know anything about Portal vein embolisms. It is unfortunate that your surgeopns disagree on the order of the surgeries.

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She reposted same thing under a different heading: "Has anybody had to have a second portal vein embolisation to enlarge liver for surgery to liver"

So she got answers off of that one.

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Thanks Winter Marie! You are on top of things!

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