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Nearing the end

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My sister is nearing the end of her fight. We had a hospital bed moved into my mothers living room last Friday and she has been in it since then. Hard day yesterday I questioned hospice if we should even try to feed her. The poor girl has been vomiting even with small amounts of water. Hospice said to quit feeding her and giving water, just to moisten her mouth.

That is so hard to do, but the vomiting is making her miserable. I think I'm at peace with this, as I sat talking to her she gave me the sweetest smiles as I told her everything will be ok. She is heavily medicated which is ok, her biggest fear was the pain.

I pray the Lord takes her quickly and ends her suffering.

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Lifting your sister, you and your family in prayer, DitZy2.

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luz del lago
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May she feel the Lord's peace and love. May your family be blessed with the comfort that soon she will have eternal life. Amen


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I got a similar one from my grandmother when she was dying. It is a blessing that your sister is facing her last days with little pain and with much dignity. I salute you.

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I'll be sending thoughts of peace and serenity for you, your sister, and your mother and all of your family. May your sister go with grace, and you and your family be held together by all of the memories you have together.


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Prayers for your sister and your entire family. May God grant you the serenity and strength, and may God grant her a peaceful, painless transition to heaven.

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I'm praying that your sister finds peace soon and that you and your family find strength in each other's love to get you through this tragic time. I am happy that you can see your sister's smile. My sister passed away (breast cancer) in December and because my husband was in hospice (throat cancer) I wasn't able to see her toward the end. I was able to tell her (by phone) that I loved her. I wasn't even able to go to her memorial service. Less than three weeks after she passed my husband passed. I hope they are both hanging out together now.

Hold onto your memories and cherish your sister's every word or smile. Soon she will be experiencing a new beginning free of pain and suffering and surrounded by those she loved who have gone before her. She will be okay.

Hospice was very good about keeping my husband out of pain. They were wonderful. I hope you have the same experience with them.

(((HUGS & LOVE)))


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May your sister find peace and may you always remember her smiles and happier times. Hugs.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your sister.You didn't say how old she is, but it's time now just to let her know you're there for you and make her know it's okay to go. I have a sister who's 7 years older than me. We were never close when we were younger, but once we grew up, got married & had kids things changed. I love her so much and don't know what I'd do if I'd lose her. I hope too that your sister doesn't suffer long and is soon out of her pain. Please take care. I'll say a prayer that she'll soon be pain free! "Carole"

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