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I am riding in Eve tomorrow night

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Despite what you've heard about Mardi Gras, it is 90% a family affair and the monkey business is relegated to the French Quarter. The streets of the suburbs and other family neighborhoods are lined with ladders that have special seats for the little kids to watch the parades and be in prime position to catch throws. There are usually 1-3 parades a day for the 2-3 weeks prior to Mardi Gras. All parades throw beads, toys, stuffed animals, coins called doubloons, etc and the night parades have lighted throws (what the Chinese can do with batteries is amazing). Most have a special throw--ours are those ridiculous plastic chickens and, this year, we spray painted them silver and then hot glue feathers, bits of material--let your imagination run wild!

So I am riding in the Krewe of Eve which is in the burbs and heavily attended by famiiles. No body parts are ever seen, I promise.

It is the krewe's 25th anniversary and we are throwing silver footballs, Eve dolls with silver accessories, silver beads, etc. It is expensive to ride, but what fun to watch the happy faces of the children!

The Krewe also donates money to the local food bank, Toys for Tots and Habitat for Humanity. Most krewes give to their "signature" charities. What seems crazy to outsiders is big business here and also a unique way for the community to give back. There is crazy stuff in the Quarter, but the Quarter is a very small section of the city.

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Oh my sounds like a wonderful tradition, have lots of fun!!

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community spirit! I am so PROUD of you, C.C.

Vicki Sam

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Sounds like so much fun!! I've always wanted to visit New Orleans (I'm an Anne Rice fan), and especially during Mardi Gras. Have a blast and throw some beads for me :)
Miles of "Mardi Gras" Love,

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It does sound like a lot of fun! Have a blast!

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CC thanks for sharing this. I've never been to New Orleans and the Mardi Gras. What I've always seen is what the news gives us and that is the French Quarter as confirmed by you. Sounds like such fun. enjoy

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to be a part of Mardi Gras sounds awesome. I've never been to LA but have heard so much about Mardi Gras. Have fun!
{{hugs}} Char

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will be had by all. Enjoy yourself!


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Megan M
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Mardi Gras is awesome! Have fun, as, I know you will!

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This sounds like just so much fun. If I were there... I definitely would be in the spirit. I didn't know about the neighborhoood parades... better than those French Quarter ones I think. So how did you decorate your chickens??

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Trust me ... that what Cynthia is doing is a BIG DEAL! She's going to have more fun than any of us can imagine. I lived in Louisiana for 15 years and when I moved there I'd never heard of Mardi Gras. When they started talking about parades ... I was expecting something like the Rose Bowl floats. BOY !!! Was I surprised. It's NOT the Rose Bowl folks. For the first few minutes it appears to be the tackiest ... stupidist thing you've ever seen ... but I guarantee you that within 5 minutes you'll be right in there acting like a total fool and having a ball. You stand along the streets as the floats go by and yell at the people on the floats (Cynthia!) to throw you something ... and if you're lucky you'll get "bombed" by a bunch of "treasures" ... like beads, coins, and other totally useless items. Before you know it ... you're knocking down little old ladies (like me) trying to get that stuff they throw. Oh ... I miss it sooooooo much. Even though I may
physically be in Indiana ... my heart will ALWAYS be in Louisiana. The people, the history, the food, the culture, the weather etc. etc. ... there's no place like it.

Hugs ... and an early Happy Mardi Gras to one and all!!!!!!!


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We spray painted them either gold or silver. Then we had some dressed in purple, green and gold; some in black and gold "outfits"--our Saints chickens and some all in silver for the krewe's anniversary. I'll have to get a photo on here.

I have only been to the Quarter once during Mardi Gras and that was enough. I'm not a prude, but it just seems rather sleazy and sad: lots of drunks and body parts. Not even all of the Quarter is that bad--Bourbon Street is the worst (or best if you are after booze and lewdness). Few locals have anything whatsoever to do with that scene. The locals are busy planning "open houses" near the "familes only" parade route, lots of kids, hot dogs and hamburgers, etc.

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