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PET Scan Results

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Hello everyone,

I posted a few days ago that my dad was going in for a PET Scan. The Pet Scan Results showed two cancer spots near the adrenal glands, above the kidneys. The doctor said my dad's lungs are clear. As I told you guys, my dad is having severe pain in the outer part of his right thigh. Well, the PET Scan showed that area was clear.

Now how do I feel about this PET Scan result? Well, I'm very happy that his lungs are clear of cancer. Of course, I wish that he didn't have mestases at all, but what can I do. What I'm worried about now is that one of my dad's eye can't see at all. :( :( What a terrible, unfair, awful, vicious disease!! Dear God, please give these patients a cure!! I am begging for a cure!

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