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Scary article about our food supply

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at naturalnews.com/031473_GMOs_pathogens.html

Dr Mercola's site has also published articles on genectically modified organisms as well as Roundup.....you'll probably be hearing more of "Roundup" if you haven't already......Something for the mind to ruminate upon......

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Steve, give me a call when the rocket ship is fueled and ready for take off - I'm ready for a blast-off to a new planet, where we can try this again.

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off without people as it seems all we've been proficient at is destroying this place; no other creature has had such potential to add to the beauty of the workings of nature and no other creature has done so much irrevocable harm.....steve

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We stopped eating canned and boxed food a three years ago. We got more serious about it about 18 months ago. We now eat only real foods, most grown locally. Living in So Cal helps. We have fresh food all year. We have stopped eating processed meat. We eat from local growers whom are minimal use antibiotics. This has made a large impact on our health.

If you read the ingredients on cooking oil, you would not eat cooking oil anymore. There is similar ingredients to rocket fuel! Soft drinks that use cancerous coloring. Yummy!

This also limits us to which restaurants that we can go to. We are local business owners and get to speak with other business owners. We have found three local restaurants that do not use chemicals and use locally grown food sources. This is pure luck that we have found such places. When we call to ask questions, most restaurants act like we are crazy people.

Best Always, mike

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Bill and I are trying to eat locally as often as we can.


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