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My stoma output is erratic - both as to time of day, and wildly varying consistency of product. It makes me very nervous when I have to schedule a meeting with a customer or a vendor at a jobsite. Today I was 10 minutes late for an appointment because I was changing my bag in my van. Then I spent the appointment time worrying about a repeat performance. Diet does not seem to make any difference. Any suggestions about making things more uniform?

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Assuming you have a colostomy, this may be a good option.


That is a great forum for Ostomy questions, pretty much everyone there has one ;)

This forum has a few, but not as many as you might think, and many of those are illiostomies. Similar, but still quite different.

Good luck!

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I hid mine for a while, out in public first time, 20 women at the post office where its good and quiet...I leaned over to set my box I had on the shelf and yep, you guessed it...WAAAAAAA !!...everyone look at me in total shock..I lifted my shirt showed them my ostomy bag and told them that I could not help it and that it wouldn't smell, and that 2 weeks earlier I had cancer surgery and this was what I got from it.....I walked out horrified.....cried like a baby all the way home..then I decided....Bullchit on this....From that day on if I meet someone I make a joke out of "well if you hear something funny, don't feel uncomfortable to laugh" then I start to tell them why and the reason I have it, I keep it short and sweet and that is that, you will be amazed at how many people are interested in stuff like this...I do now however go around with my left hand over the stoma at almost all times in case of that sudden fart that always wants to happen in church or well you know. But being an open book is not for all, but it does make it easier to address whats going on and not have the ostomy on the mind at all times...
As far as routine.....after my coffee, and before I go to bed...most of the time about 10 minutes after I eat there will be a movement then im usually good til about 3 in the evening...but I drink coffee all day and eat what ever I want. I work with people everyday and most all of them know what I have. Its no secret and I don't make any issue of it...it is what it is, keeps me alive and that is whats important to me and my family.............buzz

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