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Naturopath/MD Visit

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Nana b
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I had my visit and the first thing they are checking for are parasites and checkIng for metal allergies. Sent away the blood samples. I go back next week for another BMI test. I don't show a lot of toxicity. I am dehydrated, which is a big surprise. I drink 4-5 bottles of water a day. She put me on parabiotic plus. Hope I don't see anything moving in that commode. Yikes!!! I am also om glumauten to help with the lining of my stomach. I'm told that the lining of your stomach replaces itself every three days and if that does not happen then I am not obsorbing the nutrients. The last BMA I took three weeks ago, told me I had a lot of toxins. Then in went to that spiritual healer last weekend and he told me that he removed the toxins from my blood and bidy...so, wow!!

The weight gain is a concern, but the parasite test will tell her more. She said parasites will make you crave what they want to eat! Sugar is one of them. I will let you know more next week.

I have lost 5 lbs with mainly veggies and fruit and low carb. We will be discussing my diet next week.




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I want to know what they tell you. Lisa's was very interesting!


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Nana b
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Great pic!! Will do! Hope the kids are feeling better Gail! Been busy with my Mom and her eye surgery.

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its a strange co-incidence but somehow you and graci and lisa also got me moving and I have scene afew naturopaths, all very different in beliefs which has been confusing but i put that as an update in my naturopath post.

i have just been put on the stuff to fix the stomach lining stuff. its got glumauten and a few other goodies. a couple of pills mornign and night called def. then a gut powder and finally an anti diarrhea liquid. these really work and i have been off the codienne and gastrow stop for my diarrhea. I am a firm believer now in naturopaths ( the good ones )

Now I need to loose at least 5lbs if not more.

goodluck with the parasites


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Nana b
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Pete, just cut the carbs for a week and you will lose those 5 lbs fast! My ONC put me on a low carb diet, to lose some of these pounds that I have gained. Naturopath says could be the lining of my stomach too. I have been on the two powders 24 hours and do feel my tummy softer. Today, I went to two capsules a day. Hoping I take it well, I have to take my Mom to the doctor.

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Hi Raquel,

I'm glad you had your appt with the naturopath doc! I'll definitely be interested in what all your results are! I was given something with glutamine and a bunch of other stuff too and the ND said one of the things it helps for is the gut lining and absorption. I was found to not have enough stomach acid too.

Anyhow, definitely let us know when you get all your results!
I'm still keeping off sugar, off meats except for fish, turkey, and sometimes chicken & am taking the stuff the ND gave me. My onc is fine w/ it all, but said to please stop 24 hrs before chemo & not to resume again until 24 hrs after my pump is undone- so that involves 5 days out of every 2 weeks of not taking the stuff (cause I get chemo every 2 wks). But, that beats not doing it at all. I'm writing a separate post, but thought I'd share now that I just got back from the onc office to get unhooked and get my neulasta shot & I got my results to the CEA they drew on Tuesday. It went down from 277 to 216! Of course that's still quite high, but it went DOWN! Yay!! I'm so happy and have hope again! The combo of upping my Gemzar dose and doing all the natural stuff paid off & I will keep doing it!!


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