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OK I peeked ;-)

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I had my bone scan today at the hospital where I work. I was able to go straight upstairs and pull up all of the images on my work computer. The right 5th and 8th ribs are still lighting up, but I think a little less so. I didn't see anything else, but, of course, this is not my area of expertise and my view on my little computer is limited--but still I felt better seeing just the same couple of ribs that I could always see (since 2009). The radiologists also always say the 12th rib also has metastasis but I never have been able to see that rib on my screen. I had another NNP look at it and she concurred.

Unfortunately, I can't pull up the PET as that was done at a satellite location. So I will have to try and wait patiently until Monday afternoon.

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So, this is good news, right? Glad you feel better Cynthia. Just wish you didn't have to wait until Monday afternoon.

Could you call and find out sooner? I hate that they make you wait for the results.

Sue :)

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Peek a Boo I see you---praying and hoping that PET scan says good things - Hugs to you and lots of prayers

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I never pegged you for a sneaky peeker, but hey, if they're gonna leave them just laying around in the computer for anybody to sneak in and look at, why not?

I sure do hope you know what you're talking about cause sounds pretty good,


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I would peek if I could understand it. :)

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thing in an heartbeat! Piece of mind, as I say .. is important~ With you many many years of education ... You are well versed in so many medical areas.

Hap hap hap dancing here ....

Vicki Sam

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Ok, I must admit, I'm a "stinker" too, I peek at my PET images every time. They send me with a sealed envelope (I see my Onc. the same day of my PET scans) and I just can't stand to carry that around for 4+ hours and not look inside. Glad things are looking ok for you thus far and here's praying your PET scan comes back with NO additional lights.
Miles of Love,

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I used to work at a university where my son also attended and I knew his grades before he did. hee hee.
Glad you feel better.

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Mmmm hippa? Shhh I won't tell. Lol I'd get in trouble. I always get caught. Lol :) katz

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It's only a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) violation if I look at someone else's results. HIPAA is in place to protect and keep our health information private. I joke about many issues, but I am always dead serious about a patient's right to privacy.

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I'd peek too if I had the chance. I always try to watch the screens but it is hard now. I know you can't speak about patients but our whole lives are on computers and connected to whoever has access.

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Alexis F
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I would have looked too if I ever could. Praying for good news for you!


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Oh I know you are. Me too. One time I looked at my sons report and was told that it was a violation. He was a minor and I thought as his mother I could. I was just messing with you. Sorry, was not implying that you would violate anyones privacy. Katz

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Thanks Katz! And I think that they were wrong about your son's report if he was a minor? I would only violate my own privacy ;-)

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I would routinely read Moopy's charts (upside down) when the doctors were going over them with us. Found out some, well, interesting stuff.

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love it! glad it all looks stable. My daughter had a Ct scan at my hospital years ago and I had one of our docs call and get the results on the dictation. and then explain it to me LOL.

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I'd peek too, if I had the chance. Keep up your positive spirit and let us know on Monday what the dr. says.
Hugs, Linda

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Peeking is good! LOL I would do it too if I could. Waiting to hear your news on Monday!


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I wish I could peek at things like that. I try to look when it is being done but can't really tell anything anyway.


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I thought maybe you couldn't....ROFL!

Nah, can't judge you....I always called and talked to a nurse. There ARE perks to having a doctor for a beau...lol...

Dutch knuffels, Kathi

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If WAITING for results is often the worst part , then peeking is SELF-DEFENSE. Totally defensible in a court of law! Glad that the bone scan looks little different from the past. Hope your PET is totally unremarkable! xoxoxoxox Lynn

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I'd peek if 1. I had access 2. I knew what the heck I would be looking at. You are able to do both and I say good for you for peeking.

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I think peeking is a good thing! Praying for good results for you!

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I think peeking is a good thing! Praying for good results for you!

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I wish I could peek at my test results and what the doctors say about me! LOL

I am praying for you CC!

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I hope your peeking put your mind at ease. I'd definately do the same thing if I could...only difference, I wouldn't know what I was looking at. Hoping for PET results that are non eventful. We'll be waiting for your report on that. Take care.

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I'm not sure if peaking (I don't blame you) at your results is a good thing or not. Did it reassure you or create more questions? You know more medically than most of us and we sure do appreciate your knowledge. I'll assume your test results are a positive outcome. Keeping you in my thoughts until you know for sure.
{{hugs}} Char

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I am just the opposite! The "head in the sand" syndrome! I am too afraid to look at anything!

Every six months, when my onco sends me lab results via email, it takes me a day or two to work up the courage to look...between my fingers, while reciting the Lord's Prayer and crossing my toes! LOL!

Far from "knowledge is power", I am the "I think I'm going to faint" type!

That's just me....


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.. But there can be a down side!

As a teen I had another illness. I went and researched with my lab pics and thought throughout my 20s that I'd die by 30.... based on what I saw as similar pics in a medical journal at a university medical library.

Ever since then I've been wary of self diagnosis, but I can't help it, I still do it. I just tell myself I'm a lay person.

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Double Whammy
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and had reassurance.

I'd peek at everything if I could even if I wouldn't know what I'd see. I can't tell you how many times I've read my path reports, lab reports, and anything else I remember to ask for a copy of. It's interesting that my primary care physician automatically releases everything to me that she does, but with the oncologists I have to ask for copies - and I hate having to ask. I'm sure it often causes them grief when a patient like me with no medical background questions something, but basically I want to understand what's going on with me and sometimes when at an appointment I'm so uptight I don't really hear everything.

Good luck on Monday. We'll be there with you.


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will be thinking of you tomorrow CC fingers and toes crossed!

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