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Out of the mouths of children ( kind of funny)

mrs gadget
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Joined: Jul 2010

I thought I would share this funny with you guys. I was substitute teaching a 4th grade class yesterday. While I was sitting at the desk working, a little girl came up and touched my hair (shall I say wig) and told me that whoever was dying and cutting my hair was doing a terrible job because it just didn't look right!! I couldn't help but start laughing since she had no clue that I was wearing a wig and that this wan't my real hair at all!!

dyaneb123's picture
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I had the opposite happen with my wig, everyone told me how good it looked, and I should keep wearing it ....uh thanks, I guess....

DianeBC's picture
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Joined: Jun 2009

Very cute and very innocent. Gave me a smile!

Hugs, Diane

Hippiechick58's picture
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Joined: Feb 2011

Quite a precocious (sp) fourth grader! I think I would have been ROFLMAO! Too funny!

Posts: 4376
Joined: Jun 2009

Aren't kids great! Thanks for sharing this!

Hugs, Jan

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Joined: Oct 2010

for sure out of mouth of babes....hehe....

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kids don't have boundaries, or preconceived notions.

Smiling ..

Vicki Sam

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Oh now that was precious! My wig used to slip so it was my 2 1/2 year old grandson's job to tell me when my hair looked "funny". It used to crack me up cause he would sometimes tap his head stick his tongue out and doing a silly little dance, this was his sly way to say my hair needed fixing. Gotta love those little ones, thanks so much for sharing.



Posts: 6587
Joined: Oct 2010

Today my 6yr old grandson put on sneakers for change..HE SAID MEMA-would made my shoes TIGHT!? I said you grew over winter...

gotta love kids...

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