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How often do they usually giver they PET scans

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went for my 9 month check up, i asked if I could get my PET scan early, he said he usually does not order one if your ca is low, but he would get me one if i wanted it.

does anyone here know how often they usually do them

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I always have a CT/PET scan after I finish every chemo cycle (6). There was a couple of times that I had one before I finished the treatments because the they had been delayed a bit because of surgery and my doctor did not want me to go more than 5 or 6 months without one. My CA125 is always low even when the disease is present so he wants to cover all bases. Hope this helps.

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Every time I start a new chemo or treatment, he will try to get the insurance to cover a PET/CT scan after I have had some of the infusions under my belt. The insurance company doesn't like to approve them if they are too close together. My doctor can usually get them to approve within 4 months of a previous one.


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Hi, I think usually they do CT scans every 3 months. I had PET scans done and ordered by my gyn/oncologist. When he ordered them, I had them twice a year, because they are very expensive. I know when I finished my treatment last June, he told me we should wait a month after the last treatment and then he ordered it. I hope this helps.

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I have never had a PET scan, or the combo PT/CT scan - only the plain old garden variety CT scans, and I had one pre-surgery, one post-treatment (but before starting a year of Taxol maintenance) and one after I finished the maintenance, so a total of just 3 in almost 18 months.

I am in a clinical trial now that requires one every 3 months, for two years (providing I don't flunk out of the trial). My "regular" gyn/oncologist does them twice a year, once you are off any kind of treatment.


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