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Ist rads treatment

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I had my first radiation treatment today and thanks everyone for all the advice,it did take longer to take my clothes off than it was to do it,i took someones advice an put a lot of the greasy stuff own when i got through now i have another question i didn't put my bra back on when i got dressed because of all the grease should i just not wear one or what? thank God it was chilly here and i wore my jacket out of the place because my other breast was in the bra and it was not noticeable.MOLLYZ

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Molly, ask your radiation oncologist or the nurse when you go for treatment tomorrow -- my doctor told me that wearing a bra was fine, AS LONG AS it didn't have underwire or lace, which he said would be too irritating to my skin. He was very specific and firm about that, so it would be a good idea to ask yours what their recommendation is.


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My rad onc. said braless or cami or some lightweight sports bra...I worked so I couldn't go braless but I had a very thin light weight bra I wore.

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The nurse said yes to the bra without wire but i just got two new mastectomy bras and didn't want the grease to mess them up.

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Definitely no underwire bra. And, the grease will mess your bras up. I just went bra less and wore an old tshirt that I could discard of when I finished treatments. If you need to wear a bra, can you purchase a cheap one?

Good luck with rads,


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I know what you mean about the greasyness. What I did to solve that problem was to use Calendula Gel (I got it at the health food store)right after my treatment. I does the job and is not greasy. This was suggested by my onc nurse. I used a sports bra in the beginning but by the end I had a very light weight "barely there" bra. I used the greasy Aquaphor at night and just got my pj top greasy. I wore the pj top a lot when I was using the Aquaphor at home. Hope this helps.


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I figured it out this morning i put a slit in an old bra and put my foam form in it got one of my sons old t-shirts young people call them wife beaters i don't know why but the ones with out sleeves I'm going to put the t-shirt on first and put the bra over it so i want get the foam form messed up I can't go with out my bra because the "only lonely" breast will sag,I go bra less at home,thanks ladies you've helped me again in this new walk of life i couldn't have made it without God and you ladies on this board. MOLLYZ

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