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Rough six months

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If it aint one thing its another it will be 2 yrs in april my husband passed of colon cancer I have done pretty good but these last 6 months My brothers brain cancer has come back not looking good for him i had knee surgery in sept fell in oct going to the surgeon this friday have a torn flap ( great) 3 weeks ago i could hardly breath go to the dr i have pnemonia never had that meds were exspensive and then they see a 14 mm nodgel on my lung I am a smoker had ct scan they cant tell now its a biopsy dam i cant catch a break and the worst part is angel is not here, being alone is one thing but when u r sick it is all different no one to take care of u or be waiting in the room when u come out of surgery. I am scared not for me but for my 2 precious grandkids they love me as i do them they spend the nite every weekend they r 8 and 9. I am more scared of the procedures then the diagnoses. But anyway thanks for letting me vent i feel a little better take care


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Wow, I am so sorry for all you're going through. So sorry to hear about your brother. You have to be so worried about him. And with the terrible news about the nodule on your lung is horrible. I'll say a prayer for you that the biopsy is benign. I've thought about what if I get sick and my hubby, Tom isn't here to take care of me. It is so scarey being alone.
Please let me know how you're doing and you can vent anytime. Carole

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I am so sorry to hear that you have had so many difficulties. I know what you mean about being sick with out someone there. I have been really healthy for the most part, but did have a stomach flu that hit me hard. It really started me thinking about what I would do if I was really sick. We know how hard the role of caregiver is, and we don't want to burden others. It is so hard. We keep finding these things that we have to do on our own now. Not fun! I hope the biopsy is negative. We live for those grandkids' visits, don't we? Keep coming here and letting us know what is happening with you. You were so kind to me when I first started writing. I want you to know that you are in my thoughts. Take care, Fay

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luz del lago
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I have thought of what that would feel like, not having my guy to help me through an illness. Don't like the feeling!
I am so sorry to hear what has been going on. It is hard enough to try to come through the loss of our loves, but to fear more loss, must be so disheartening.
I pray that everything gets better and that you are not faced with any more hardship and pain.


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to all of u. i will keep u updated ggod news coming i hope

take care


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Michelle, I hope and pray that things are OK for you. That is way too much for someone to go through. My thoughts are with you.

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