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Colon Cancer to Pancreas (Devistated Daughter update)

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Hi everyone, sorry it's been a month since my first post, but it's been a hard month. We just found out last week that my mom's colon cancer is now in her pancreas. 3 different strands have come into the pancreas (i'm not sure where). Has anyone had this happen to them? She's in a lot of pain that radiates through her midsection and goes up to her shoulders. I looked it up and found that the pancreas is only 17 cm's in length and 3 cm's wide. (How can something so small cause so much pain?) And each strand has already grown by another 1/2 cm a piece in 1 week. They told her that now, the only option is expeiramental treatments because the cancer; where it is right now, is inoperable. I had no idea that the pancreas was so small, it was devistating to hear but i'm still trying to stay so calm and positive for her. Now i'm having panic attacks at the thought of her not being here anymore. I do very well infront of her because I know that my pain is nothing compared to her's and i feel so selfish when I cry. I've been trying to read up on cancer in the Pancreas, but I haven't found a lot of information on how to help the pain. They have her on Morphine and Oxicotton (which is only taking the edge off the pain), she barely gets any sleep because of the pain, i'm not sure if there is anything I can do or she can take or eat or drink that will make her feel any better. Any advise or information would be appreciated.

I'm so very gratefull that you guys are here to talk to. No one around me really understands why I break down sometimes. I feel so lost right now and I don't know what to do anymore for her. I'm a person who tries to see the silver lining and who tries to see that everything happens for a reason, but I just can't see why on this one. And I can't find my silver lining anymore.

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Thanks so much, i'll check out that forum.

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I am so sorry for what you and your mother are going through. I wish i had some anwsers, but I am not familiar with this issue either. My brother has recently been diagnosed with a "rare small cell" cancer that is attached to his prostate and has "fingers" spreading out to other organs. He is in horrible pain from the cancer pressing on his bladder. He is in a VA Hospital and gets constant care and more attention than I get from my Docs. He has started a monthly chemo and was set to start radiation when they found the cancer has spread to his liver. The radiation has been cancelled.

I would guess that the "strands" would be growths of cancer if I understand you correctly. The Pancreas can cause horrible pain. My daughter had a gallstone that slid into a pancreatic duct. She was taken to an ER in blinding pain, they did an emergency gallbladder removal and were able to lasso the gallstone from the duct.

I guess I have never been a person who has been able to look for the good in things, so I tend to be one of those "it is what it is " people which pisses off my daughter as she hates hearing that.

I know you are feeling so helpless as we do in these situations. Being there and helping your Mom through this journey are the important things to remember. Make sure that you take time for your needs also. Talk to people about your fears and concerns and don't be afraid to enjoy yourelf. This is what your Mom will want.

I guess you should see if stronger pain meds might be available? Don't be afraid to let the Docs know how things are going.

Sending you a ((((HUG))))!

Take Care,


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Yes by "stands" i meant "fingers", that was infact the exact word the doctor used when talking about the cancer getting into the pancreas. I sincerely hope you and your brother get better. If i can get the phone number to the doctor i will call and ask him about the meds though, i didn't think to do that before, thank you. I started by joining this group when my mom's cancer was just in her colon and liver, but i might see if on the pancreatic group can give me more answers. Thank you guys so much for all the help and hugs.

Praying that everyone gets better


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they need to get her better on top of the pain. I would get on the horn to the oncologist and let him know it isn't going well and the pain is bad. Yes, there are stronger meds she can be on.

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Thank you, i'll talk to her oncologist. Best wishes

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when I was in for my resection, I made friends with a guy with panceatic cancer. He had been in hospital for 5 months trying to get over the surgery. I came back and vistited him a few weeks after getting out, he was better and going home. I really hope your mum treatment works well and she can get some effective pain relief.
best wishes,


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Thank you Pete, I appreciate the information. I'm trying to stay positive. Best wishes to you too.


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Over the last 2 plus years, I have noticed a few with mets to the pancreas. Louann (LCarper2), Mike49, Mike (forgot his username), Patti (ittap), and others. To be very truthful, they were in a lot of discomfort from the pancreatic involvment and none made it.

In the search box above, type in pancreas and 9 pages of posts will come up in this forum alone.

I'm very sorry for your news.

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Thank you for the honesty, i thought as much. The doctor tried but didn't sound positive. Thank you again for responding.

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