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Nice thoughtful comments

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I have read "what not to say" I was wondering how many nice, kind caring words!

I must say I had wonderful friends-always at the other end of phone calls-said how strong I was or how upbeat....I am sure more words will come to top of list...but just curious of the GOOD COMMENTS or acts of kindness.

MY Vt friend drove down for the day to NY (well Ct-I went right over state line for my surgery) to sit with me while waiting to go in as well as when I came back out of recovery..

I"LL never forget that....Also long time friends (seniors-not liking to drive much) drove to Ct to be with me!

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I too always had people tell me how strong and upbeat I was through all of it. I had several friends bring food or gift cards so I did not have to cook. Very nice! I had complete strangers tell me they would be praying for me which was awesome, and lots of prayers from family and friends. God Bless
(((hugs))) Janice

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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My friend of 20 years has been with me every step of the way along this journey...she has sent me cards, taken me for regular massages, listened to my fears and worries, given me flowers, gifted pajamas and slippers after surgery, taken care of my children, cried with me, laughed with me, arranged dinner donations after surgery, and more.

I've also received very thoughtful cards and notes from people I've lost touch with. They found out about my cancer, and took the time to write or call and get back in touch. That's been one of the silver linings.

Thanks for posting this, it's makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to think about the good things...I think I'll go call a couple of people.



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Just thought nice to see THOUGHTFUL, KIND THINGS...! up beat...

YOUR friend sounds great....

I reconnected with friend after 30 yrs...same town and dint' know it...she was very ill (not cancer) while i was going through my treatments. I thought she was helping me when I stopped to visit her and she thought i was really helping her moral...so worked out great for both of us. We now go out with 2 other long time (since kindergarten) friends once a month for GNO (never miss a month)!!!!

mrs gadget
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I had an employee at home depot stop me and ask what type of cancer I had. After I replied she told me how great I looked and that to her anybody that is battling this disease truly looks beautiful. I almost cried and gave her a huge hug...

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My best friend ... is more like a sister to me. We've known each other since we were in kindergarten ... 5 years old ... so that means we've known each other for 62 years! She was my extra set of ears at appointments. She was sitting with me when the radiologist told me I had breast cancer ... at which point my brain sort of just shut down and I went on what I call "automatic pilot." But ... I needed to be "aimed" in some direction. As the doctor explained that I would need surgery ... she's the one who jumped in and asked about surgeons names ... and even sat there and called one right then to set up an appointment for me. (I don't think I could have talked to anyone and made any sense). She's the one who sat with me when the oncologist told me I'd need chemo and I was just about ready to say "NO!" ... because I'm terrified of needles. But my friend sat there and explained what a chicken I was ... and he talked about the port ... and all I could picture was needles ... but she's the one who convinced me I COULD do it. She's the one who either took me to chemo herself and picked me up (I needed to "do it" alone) ... or she arranged for others to do it. She's been there with me for the whole journey and I couldn't have made it without her. One in a million! I am blessed.



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wow very very nice...

I totally understand your auto-pilot..I have my hubby and like mom to me friend (cancer survivor 3x) so she was great to have as my ears and ask questions...I was OK during the whole appt until he said "survivor rate" my ears shut down..brain too...

great to have friends like that...

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My teen had probes and wires all over her head ...someone approached her and said OH CANCER HUH? (she had weekend long test)

Your experience:
Very nice of her....need more people in the world like her!

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Different Ballgame
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All I can tell you is that I am one lucky woman who had great support, kindness, affection and wonderful attention from her family, friends, and co-workers. So many good memories that I cannot count them!

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so Happy for you..!

I was not so lucky in work supervisor or some co workers!

Denise W.

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I got talked into going to an Auto Swap Meet. So, there I am walking up and down the aisles with my tell-tale-scarf-wrapped-head, when I notice a woman selling jewelry and some sort of auto polish. Intrigued I wander over and she just stops and says to me I have the deepest respect for you as a cancer patient for all you have to endure. Then she picks up one of her bracelets and asks me if I could accept it.

It's silver with spaced little pink bows and it says: Together We Can Make A Difference

Made my day!

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wow very nice....!

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I have been blessed to have many caring relatives and friends. Danny and Katherine have always been there for me and they make me laugh--something I love to do.

One of my favorite memories though was when Katherine's 1st grade teacher (Katherine is now 29, so that was a looong time ago) had Katherine's entire class make me get well cards. It was such a thoughtful gesture and the cards still make me smile. My favorite one was made by a little boy and it pictured me in a hospital bed lying supine holding a lily--yes just like I had already died. I know I'm not right in the head, but it was just so innocent and honest and it completely cracked me up. Maybe it was cathartic because I laughed until I cried.

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Yesterday I went to an indoor "flea market" and since I figured I wouldn't see anyone I knew, I decided (with coaxing of my sister, brother-in-law and hubby) to go "bare headed". Now my hair has been coming in nicely for about 7 weeks and is maybe 3/4 inch long--mostly white with some darker brown patches. As I'm shopping a woman walked up to me and said, "I wish I was that brave! My hair is just a bit longer than yours". When I looked at her I could see she had a wig on, so I asked what kind of cancer she had. She said ovarian and I said breast. We wished each other well and off I went. I had actually forgotten I was bare headed.
As I was leaving I ran right into a girlfriend who is starting chemo this week, and she said (having only seen me in my blond wig)--"I wish my hair comes in white like yours!".
I'm getting close to not wanting anything on my head--South Florida is getting HOT, but don't quite have the courage to go "topless" at work or temple yet. I kept thinking that I didn't want to scare the little children (or co-workers) but I can see that it will encourage others and provide hope. So soon...

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