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I am here

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and thank you for thinking about me, pepebcn. I read posts everyday, and cannot explain why I no longer post and do apology because the support and advice I received here got me through my journey.

I have had a lot on my mind the last several months and are trying to work through the stuff so I can see the light. Don't want to bother you guys with the details.

For the newbie's, I was DX in 2006 with Stage II. Finished surgeries and treatment in 2007 and have been NED since. What I can pass along, never give up fighting AND LIVE one day at a time; smell the roses, let the grass crunch between your toes and really feel the sun on your face.

I will begin the Friday Riddles again this Friday for those interested.

Love you guys,


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We haven't really talked before but so glad to see you posting again! You know this place is like family, and even things you don't want to bother people with you know you can here.

Really glad to see you post.


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good to hear from you but understand the reasoning behind the breaks.....Love to ya, buzz

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Welcome back!

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And I have missed the Friday riddles.

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What's RED and YELLOW and missed the playoffs?

You got it - the 'Skins:)

-Donovan McNabb


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Hi Nudgie,

Good to see you! I really like the inspirational "thought of the day".


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I've missed your Friday puzzles. Never get them, but I like to wrangle with my brain over them.
Winter Marie

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...never was the first to respond, but always a good read!!!

Welcome home, dearheart!

Knuffels, Kathi

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Hey, Shelly.

Glad you're doing okay! Don't be a stranger, okay? Hope everything you have on your mind works out okay.


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