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Hoarseness of voice

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My friend has been diagnosed to have thyroid cancer and histopath findings shows micropapilary cancer with colloid goiter and one node involvement. She's still young with 3 children and is depressed because her voice is very hoarse. The capsule of the cancer has been very adherent to her laryngeal nerves and has to be scraped. Her doctor has told her that it will get worse and be better after 3-6 months. For the meantime what will she do? Does she need a speech therapist to regain her voice. Her work involves a lot of talking and she's afraid not being able to work. Please advise us and help us. Thank you so much!

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- an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor aka otolaryngologist. I lost one recurrent laryngeal nerve in surgery because the tumor had encased it. More extreme than your friend's situation but I can tell you my speech and ability to swallow without aspirating are very good now.

The nerves are sensitive and can indeed take quite a while to come back. My understanding is that it's important to not stress the vocal cords during the healing process. An ENT and/or speech therapist may be able to help her with exercises and provide guidance as to what to do and what not to do while her nerves are healing. It could give her peace of mind that she's doing all she can to heal as quickly and completely as possible.
Best to her.

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