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Chris will now be bubble wrapped~~~~

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Hi Friends
Friday I got a call saying meet me at the ER!!! So I rush there to find him with a 16 inch nail sticking out of his finger,straight through... He shot a nail with the nail gun through the middle of his finger. Through the bone and joint barley missing the tendon! Most people have a baby book, I have started a 40 + book!! He is the son I never had lol lol


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Just thinking how did he manage to do that?! Men I don't know lol, bet that comment gets me into trouble. Hope he got it removed pain free? ouch


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most likely he took the safety device that allows you to nail as fast as you can depress the end of the nail gun down to something solid.....................and then tried it to see if it worked with his finger ........LOL...........sorry don't mean to laugh but I just got this image ...........LOL........oops sorry again, its really not funny.........LOL....

really, hope hes ok............lol.....really, I mean it..........buzz

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lol thank you for the mental picture, I asked for it. :-p lol


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Hope is if feeling better! It is always something ( especially when it involves men and machinery!LOL ) How many women do you know who have fallen off a roof or through the drywall ceiling from an attic?? My husband has done both! ( OK I don't go up on a roof, but I have gone into the attic and had to walk on the beams once or twice when I was trying to stop a roof leak !)

I have super glued myself, burned myself with hot glue and dumped a whole can of polyurathane
on my carpet....not pretty.

I think men like tools, noisy sharp tools! Now just put all of those bad tools away until he is more mature!!

Really I hope he is doing great and not trying to give you a heart attack!

Take Care


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