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I had a good 3 month follow up check up today!

hopeful girl 1
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I had my 3 month follow up appointment today with my surgeon/oncologist and radiation oncologist. The did exam, and blood tests: CBC, Vitamin D test, and CA125. Both docs feel I am doing great.

My last chemo was November 2010. My blood counts have returned to normal, except I am still alittle bit anemic. I requested the Vitamin D test, due to all of the postings here and recent research about Vitamin D and D3 supplements. Normal range is 30-80 and mine was 47 so I was pleased to know that. My CA125 test was 5. I was so happy. It was 300 post surgery in March 2010 and after first chemo dropped to a 20, second chemo down to 8, 3rd chemo down to 7, following radiation it was a 5, and then for chemos 4/5/6 it remained a 5. But then a in December was a 7. I was told it can vary a point or two and was told not to worry, but I was glad to see it return back to a 5 today. YAH!!

I have been reading the Anti Cancer Book-A New Way of Life, and trying to eat healthier, more veggies-brocoli, cauliflower, almond butter, whole wheat bread, oatmeal with blueberries, etc. I am working on exercising etc. I still need to improve on stress reduction which I know is important.

I am back at work now too.

I want to thank everyone on the boards for their support in 2010 and continued support in 2011-I could never have made it this far without all of the encouragement from my friends here on the boards. All of your posts gave me the courage to go thru' my treatments-seeing how many others had done it and gotten thru' it and encouraged me and told me I could do it too. A heartfelt thank you to all!


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Cindy, so glad you are doing well. Hurray!!!

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Cindy....am so happy that you got a good report! Am sure that helps in reducing your stress. And also happy to hear you are back to work....way to go!!

Enjoy life, dance, and laugh a lot!

Keep dancing NED!


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Yeah you go girl! I'm tickled pink to hear this wonderful news. We all need to have NED and hopefully forever and ever.

Good thing to concentrate on is new ways of eating, exercising and stress reduction. Not easy but if we try a little each day, it will become second nature eventually.

Congrats and lets both enjoy the NED dance...

((( HUGS )))

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What wonderful news. Good lab results. I am so happy you got your job back. That hopefully reduces your stress, and not increases it. Sounds like you are doing the things you can to keep yourself healthy. Healthy eating, exercise and working on stress reduction. All the positive things you can work on. Keep up the good work, and may you have many more excellent reports. In peace and caring.

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I am thrilled for you to be dancing with NED. You sound great. I am glad that your counts are returning to normal. I am so happy that you are back at work! This is such wonderful news. Keep up the good work! You have such a positive approach to thungs I am encouraged by you.

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Fantastic, Cindy. Just the sort of hospital appointment and results that we all want. Well done!
FIngers crossed - I have my first appt. post chemo, to review latest CT scan on 9th March. I am looking to follow your example!
Kindest wishes

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Double Whammy
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Great news, Cindy. Hope being back to work is not too much and you continue to just get better and better.


hopeful girl 1
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Joined: May 2010

Thank you to all for your support and kind words.

Peace, prayer and hugs to all.


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