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10 things not to say to a breast cancer patient

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Top 10 Things NOT to Say to a Breast Cancer Patient

1. Hey, I just bought a new Swiffer. There was a pink ribbon on the box. I donated to your cause.

If only my boobs were as clean as your floors.

2. My mother/sister/aunt/friend died of that 2/10/30 years ago.

Yeah? Well I’m not planning on it.

3. It’s not like you’re 25 and need boobs to attract a man or anything.

If I needed boobs to attract a man it would be my first clue I had the wrong man.

4. A little surgery, a little chemo, you’ll be fine.

It’s that easy?? Really??

5. Congratulations! You have THE GOOD ONE!

‘Good cancer’. See also: oxymoron. ( This from a NURSE. And she was wrong. I have the bad one.)

6. Relax! I have 25 and 30 year old patients downstairs getting chemo right now for more aggressive tumors than you have!

Whoa! You mean there are people suffering more than I am?? What a RELIEF! (This from a DOCTOR. Fired her ***!)

7. You need TIME OFF?

Yeah, I’m having both boobs cut off. I’ll be back in a day or two.

8. Did you catch it in time?

Geez, I’m hoping so.

9. It’s probably all those cleaning chemicals you’ve been exposed to all these years. Your house is way too clean.

They should do a study…………

10. I was just reading something that said all cancer is repressed anger.

How interesting. Mind if I punch you in the neck and purge?

I found this on line thought it was cute!

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there are actually people dumb enough to say this stuff.


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We get some version of these comments from the denser people out there...
Even "how are you?" is a hard one!


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Yup, I can imagine all of these being said....

I had one: In the snow, in Amsterdam:

So, is it cold without hair? (Nah, I am so smart, thinking all the time, that I just burn the hair off!)

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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or age ...

If someone ask if I'd had reconstruction, or why .. my answer .. My real breast tried to KILL me, so I remove them from my body .. in an effort of prolonging my life.

Just my twisted way of shutting them up.

Vicki Sam

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All I can say is WOW>>>>>

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It is sad how senseless some people can be. My response to the I had a aunt,cousin etc... that died from BC. Well I know someone that died in a car wreck too, but I still drive my car and I know a lot of people who have survived wrecks. God Bless
(((hugs))) Janice

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I LIKE To try to toss ball back to their court -I am not always good at come backs...but if I can toss it back to them to make it ackward (if that makes sense)

NOT just about health...just any issue not their business or over stepping boundries..

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I love, love love this! Thanks so much for sharing.

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My Plastic Surgeon told me that I should be "thankful" that they caught my cancer early... his other patients are not as "fortunate" as I am.. hmmm.. how I did I get so darn lucky to have gotten cancer in the first place and then to have both of my breasts removed?? Guess I missed something there...


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I found a t-shirt online that might stop some comments before someone can even get them out of their mouths: "Yes, they are fake. The real ones tried to kill me." Another one I like has 2 baseballs on the front and says, "Save 2nd Base."

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Or how about this "cancer and it's cure is all about attitude" HELP you @#$%^&* idiot. Excuse me Dear Sir and Madam thats an ID ten T error spelled IDIOT

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"It's a good thing you only have breast cancer--it could be so much worse!" REALLY!!!! and this was from my supervisor who I share an office with. I've had to tell myself that she doesn't realize what she said or I'd go ballistic.

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These are classics!!! May I perhaps add no. 11?

11. How is your cancer today?

This, my aunt's brother said to her. She replied well it hasn't gone to my brain yet. It got to be an inside joke between us. =)

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wow...I must say I have not had any bad comments...

other then: boss called me in after 3 days radiation and said you must start taking sick days (for hour daily) since I can NOT justify paying someone to cover you!

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I was being prepped for a bilateral mastectomy and was nervous as all get out. The thought of losing both breast scared me and I did not know what to expect. The nurse assigned to me said, " You have beautiful breasts." I replied, "They're coming off in an hour." This was the thought I went into the OR with.

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