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Off topic, but to me worth it............

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My 6 year old "debutante" lost her first tooth today, and she has an elegant party Friday at her kindergarten class...LOL...she is adorable...I will try and get a pic of her up in here soon ......had to share with my family ...........buzz

Oh and BTW, she took a ziplock bag and put the tooth in that is under her pillow at this moment with a note on it that reads "Tooth Fairy I Love you "....talk about a suck up...think she barking for more money LOL...ya just gotta love them kids...... :)

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First tooth! How precious!

What are those things going for these days? I mean how much cha ching does the tooth fairy leave? All my kids are grown so I don't know the going rate for a tooth.

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was that a sandwich size ziplock bag or one of those quart size..lol..Godbless...johnnybegood

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That is so sweet; the innocence of childhood.

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How absolutely adorable!!!! We're sitting here a couple of days ago all proud because my grandson's first tooth came in. And your little girl is losing hers. Ahhh, the wonderful cycle of life. This brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks Buzz, hope the tooth fairy isn't cheap, I was giving my kids a dollar 17 years ago.
Winter Marie

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So cool!!! I teach kindergarten so I live in the world of the tooth fairy. Little kids are just wonderful! Keep her note. We have the note our daughter wrote to the tooth fairy and now she is 16 and the note is even more precious!

Thanks for sharing!


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Last year I gave my daughter and my son their teeth the tooth fairy had collected, told them it's theirs to do with them what they want.
Winter Marie

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Too cute! Reminded me of when our youngest (now 13) lost her first tooth...she swallowed it.

I took her to see my Dad (papa) and she told him that it came out and she swallowed it, she was very worried the tooth fairy wouldn't come..

He told her not to worry, that the tooth fairy left double the money when the tooth was swallowed. lol

This was bad on two levels...we had given my son 5 dollars for his first lost tooth (tooth fairy had no change,lol) AND I was scared to death that she would swallow the rest of her teeth as they started coming out. (o:

Gotta love grandparents!

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Yup, sounds like your gal has got it down pat with money matters *smile*!

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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My middle grandson is 6, and he is a delight! The things he says. He's the one that remarked, when my hair was growing back in, "Gama, your head feels like a Chia pet." Gotta love 'em!

BTW - you have a 6 year old girl...we have a 6 year old boy...I'm just sayin'!

Many hugs, Vicki

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enjoy her, she sounds like angel.
she might like the movie tooth fairy, my kids did recently.


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tina dasilva
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that is so sweet hugs tina

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tried to take a pic this morning but camera didn't work right...will try again this evening..ya'll just gotta see this..it is sooooo sweet.........yeah can ya tell I love my kids.......lol..........buzz

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